Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Reflections on a Tuesday

Oh welcome Tuesday morning...no fog and the butterflies are out in force in our backyard. I don't think we had as many butterflies last year. The sight of all those butterflies both large and small stop me in my tracks every time. Then add the hummingbirds with their element of territory...makes it all worthwhile to stop and see.

I had a very fun Monday. Brenda and I went to lunch at The Blue Rooster and then we made a stop in the Hazelwood area. She loved Robin Blu and who wouldn't? It is such a fun shop. Since we were out that way we stopped in at Barber's Orchard. They had Ginger Gold and MacIntosh apples and lots of other produce. Since Brenda had just canned a ton of green beans and corn, I asked her is she needed more or more squash. Uh, no...she is done canning for the season. She told me about a few antique shops that I didn't know about...so we will make a return trip. During the six months that Barber's is open, a trip to Waynesville never seems long. Besides, the road getting there is one of my favorites.

Upon returning home, I took a short nap and then headed over to church for a women's ministry meeting. I could not find the unlocked door and interrupted prayer time but at last we connected and Tonya and Karen led me to the open door. Great meeting and planning for the rest of the year and looking ahead to next year. We have many good opportunities in the days ahead for service projects and ways to love our community and the women in our church. Since Sunday I keep thinking of and praying for a woman in our community whose husband passed away unexpectedly Saturday. In the past fourteen months her son and father passed away as well. She had a great little antique store but had closed it down...I don't think the junkin' brought her much joy anymore. If you think of this lady would you lift her up in prayer?

This is one of those days where nothing is scheduled and I can or decide not to work on a couple of projects. There is always something to keep me busy around here. This morning I slept in just a tad and thought that on this day in several months, it will be the day after my knee replacements and I am making an effort to remember today for the days ahead, where I watched butterflies and birds, listened to the songs of nature and enjoyed the beauty of the earth and God's creation.

One thing I have done is bring in the enamel table that was on the front porch. It is such a cute table and the elements are starting to affect it. I thought it might fit in our bedroom but no dice. I did find a place for it in the front bedroom at least for now. I will see how it goes. It will be a great place to sit and write...not that there aren't so many places now. Almost every room has a desk. Oh look, it is starting to rain a little and the mower man for the people above us is working rather quickly to get the section done right behind us.

It is almost impossible to type because I have a cat tail across the keys. Buddy always likes to be involved.

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