Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Evening Reflections

We sat out on the porch and watched the daylight slowly fade to dusk. The cows began their evening journey from the back pasture toward the grass on the hill. Slowly, as they were mysteriously guided one by one both the big cows and the calfs made their way and soon they were all together, yet spread out. The fireflies began the evening show of lights while the full moon, the buck moon or hay moon slowly rose above the treetops. The birds made their songs known as they slowly settled into the tree homes they have built. A few, even a cardinal couple came to the feeder maybe even surprised to see dinner once again after an absence. Mike the Mower Man was here early cutting and weed eating the grass. I don't think he had a chance to mow since we left for Houston. The fragrance of cut grass lingered throughout the morning. He even got to the weeds near the trees that are newly planted and he removed the watering system he had devised. Back once again, home. My spirit quieted. The process begins a little once we see the rolling hills of Birmingham, then the mountains began rising in height in north Alabama, through Georgia on my mind and into Chattanooga TN. The great scenes of the Ocoee and past Ducktown, soon to cross the line into North Carolina. I'm like a horse headed to the barn, not much deters me making that last leg of the journey.

Dena and I left the lovely Holiday Inn for breakfast at the nearby Cracker Barrel. The reviews had been, nice hotel but don't eat breakfast there. The hotel had spillover golfers participating in the national tournament for high school and colleges, that 's why we could not stay in Ooltewah no room in the inn, We had a delightful breakfast conversation with two gentlemen who had moved there from the yankee land. A quick stop to fill up SequishShawn and we were on our way. We made a side trip to Merceir's. We were not disappointed and were able to get some apple cider donuts there. Dena has never had the opportunity to try them. She was pretty happy with breakfast this morning. As is our usual custom, we laughed and talked across those miles and soon found ourselves at The Blue Rooster for a late lunch. I do believe Miss Dena liked her fried chicken and the coconut cake was absolutely the bomb diggity. We waddled out to the truck and again made our way home. We unloaded and rested, then went to CVS to pick up prescriptions. Seemed like a little drive around was the best thing to do with the remaining daylight, so that is what we did.

This morning we were able to ease into the day. Drink coffee, eat breakfast which means donuts. We dined on the front porch in style. After getting cleaned up we headed over to Op-Tix. I wanted Dena's help in picking out new frames. Found some for both glasses and sunglasses. Dena even hit the jackpot by finding some sunglasses on sale. Our next stop was lunch at Twisted Laurel. Oh my goodness! Such a great lunch! We went to a gallery and then went to the Karat Patch and praise the Lord, they change out Brighton batteries on watches. A stop at an ice cream is very draining and calorie burning. I think we might make a return again. A quick trip to The Fresh Market and we were home. Such a fun day.

It is now Wednesday evening and another full day is coming to an end. We got up earlier than yesterday and headed out the door at 10:00. Our first stop the post office so Dena could get some stamps. We made our way toward Micaville and I do believe Dena hit the jackpot in finding gifts and things for herself. We drove over to Little Switzerland. Oh my goodness, the scenery is beautiful! We ate lunch there, delicious as usual, did a little shopping, stopped and took some pictures and then headed toward Spruce Pine. Spruce Pine should have better signage and that is just about all I am going to say about that. Then we began our journey to Burnsville. We went into a few shops and Dena even found some pants and a shirt at a really cute shop. Since the day was turning into late afternoon we took the beautiful drive through Mars Hill and Marshall. I think Dena fell in love with Marshall. In fact I think she wants to go back. I told her the stories that Inez and Velda had told me while we sat there by the old high school now turned artist studios. Since we had hardly eaten anything all day...ahem...we stopped at DQ for ice cream cones and then at CVS for two out of three prescriptions. The other one wasn't ready.

Such a fun and full day with little respites. Resting up this evening for another day of adventure tomorrow.

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