Friday, July 15, 2016

Thursday Round Up...It's Still Hot!

Only one more doctor appointment for this trip and it is in the morning. Today, I have time to catch up on energy because I was out the door at 8:45 am, returned home for ten minutes to bring some things in from Goode Company, grabbed a yogurt, ate a nectarine and out the door to my 1:30 appointment for injections and consultation from the orthopedic doctor. Since Consuela is here on Wednesday afternoons, I needed to stay out of the house. Several weeks ago a rock hit my windshield and cracked it...South Carolina...  So, I went to the windshield repair place and had the crack and a small little nick taken care of. They fix everything while you sit in the comfort of your air conditioned car. Since I was close to the bank, I ran over there to use the ATM. Then I hit the mother load of traffic on Cinco Ranch Blvd mainly due to a lane closure across from La Centerra. All the little cut throughs came back to me and I executed a u turn and headed over to Home Goods. I know now just get the basket when coming inside because there is always something that needs to make its way home. I did not leave the store empty handed. The Katy Home Goods is just about my favorite because it is truly all home goods. By this time it was after 5:00 and Roy told me that Consuela is usually gone by then and she was. I brought in the minimum and flopped down on the couch exhausted and hardly moved off of it for the rest of the evening. Even the very tempting offer of Bahama Mama's to meet Peggy couldn't pry me off. I settled in to watch WWII in color and slept through critical information and formation of the why and how of the beginning of that war. Then there was all the reloading from streaming and I got weary of waiting while watching the story of lightning like movements of the panzer tank division.

I know two doctor appointments in a day is nothing to so many unfortunately, but it is a lot of information to process. My cardiologist is so pleased with my numbers. My heart episodes have gone down to less than 2%, They gave me part of my monitor read out and it is interesting to see how long episodes last and the long ones, I could remember just about every one of them. The episodes have increased since being in hot Houston and that is no surprise. So cool mountains, with less stress and staying within my parameters is paying off. He could tell a huge difference from the previous year. It is difficult sometimes to stay in the parameters when I know it is the best thing for me and fun is calling my name.

The Yard of the Month guys were just here which meant I had to do a stealth sneak back to our bedroom. The family room has Roman shades so I didn't want to scare the guys by them seeing me with dirty hair and in my jammies. I had forgotten about these kinds of things. I know Abel and his crew will be here this afternoon to cut and trim but the Yard of the Month guys do the fertilizing and the weed kill application to the yard. They come once a month on Thursdays, but it has long gone from my brain what Thursday that happens to be.

Good thing I had just finished up with the chat feature on When my session timed out while doing early shopping before the Anniversary Sale, the ship to address reverted to Katy and not on NC like I had changed previously. When I saw the error, I got on the chat line to see if a manual fix could be implemented. Caught it in time.

The hours are counting down and I wrap up this portion of living in the heat and hot. Next week it is supposed to be even hotter here and it will be hot in NC but at least there are the cool mornings and evenings.

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