Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Keyboard on Board

This is so exciting! I am writing on my new iPad 9.7 Pro with Smart Keyboard. Now I can be more mobile in my blogging. My other iPad and the Zagg keyboard were fine but the keyboard started getting sticky keys and nothing would remedy the problem.  Believe me I Googled everything I knew to Google and it just got worse. The keyboard was delivered today.

It is a good thing I didn't get the early start to my day that I had intentionally planned because I got a text from Apple saying the keyboard would be delivered today and I would have to sign for it. The delivery was a day early, not complaining, but that meant changes. It all worked because I got some long over due projects taken care of. I also worked a bit on things going to the church yard sale.

I can see that it is raining to our south and it would be so nice if some of that rain would head over this way. It is still so hard to believe all the flooding that is happening in Houston. Very familiar streets are still covered with water. Friends in Houston have not been far off my prayers to the Lord. I am thrilled to see that friends who experienced flooding last Memorial Day did not have a repeat. Many of them just now moving furniture back into their homes.

Right now there is a rabbit running across the front yard. We have baby bunnies living in the back. It is that time of the evening with the sky a blueish gray and the clouds are moving along at a nice clip. The wind has once again been fierce today. I don't remember the wind blowing like this last year but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. It is also that time of year when the older calls are being separated from their moms who are with calf again. Such a sad mournful sound. It breaks my heart to hear them cry, both mother and child.

Well, I wanted to give this a try and I am extremely happy with it all.

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