Thursday, April 14, 2016

Summer Schedule And It Just Now Feels Like Spring

I watched the fight of the century last night in the backyard. Well, it might have just been the battle roy-al of two foes who have been at odds since, well since I have no idea. Michael, the one eyed cat, took his afternoon spot on one of our rocks like most afternoons. His focus intense. I am searching the yard, safely behind glass to see if he has a bird in his sights...but no, he is stalking a small, little tiny rock mouse. At that moment I was so happy that I had not knocked on the window to distract him. Michael tossed than mouse in the air and batted him with a paw. The little mouse tumbled down the rocks and then stole away to the confines of the world behind those rocks. Michael kept a watch for that maimed mouse for the longest time and I am hoping this morning Michael hasn't left me a present. Ugh! We do know from Mike the Mower Man that under that embankment of tiered rocks is a car that was buried there a long time ago to help with erosion or at least that is what we hope. We have heard some stories of the wild boys that used to live across the way where now quiet Mary Joyce lives.

There are yellow flowers that have started poking their heads through the dirt, near the rocks at the top near the gravel road. I love seeing those splashes of yellow as we get into more normal like spring temps.

I am going to lunch at church today. The menu sounds fabulous and I look forward to seeing friends. It is still cool outside and warming up later in the afternoon, so I am kind of at a quandary of what to wear. I think I will go with lighter rather than heavier because that fellowship hall warms up quickly.

After being here a year one thing I need to be better acquainted with is freeway exit numbers. Most of the time the traffic reports of lane closures or wrecks refer to the exit number not the name of the street or road. Also I get confused with the east west thing because it feels like I am going north and south. But I did read yesterday that spending an hour in nature a day increases your ability to focus and retain knowledge. So maybe I can weld the two together and enjoy the great outdoors while learning my exit numbers on the major freeways around these parts.

The sun is beginning to set. Lunch at church today was delicious and so fun. Afterwards I couldn't decide if I would do some running around or go back home. First thing, I went to the Exxon station and filled up the truck. Then I got a phone call so instead of going someplace I drove around while I talked. I opted toward home and Mike the Mower Man was here. When he finished up we talked about some trees being planted in the back and maybe putting in some peach trees in the front. He also thinks he can help me with finding someone to weld or make some very simple handrails to go on either side of the stone stairs. Then I got this brilliant idea to see if Buddy would enjoy being in the pet playpen on the front porch. She was not a fan but maybe she will be if I put her in the playpen and we sat out on the back deck. We shall see. I am trying to liven up things for her a bit so she isn't bored.

Peggy and I talked on the phone this afternoon and got caught up on everything. Roy called while we were talking to let me know the generator people want to come by tomorrow and do the spring servicing of it. The times they had were 9 and 11. I told him 11 would be best. It is only spring and I am so on a summer schedule already to start the days.

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