Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Full Day

This has been a full and wonderful day on many levels. We survived the freezing temps and the incredibly powerful wind. Friday night a wind gust that was so powerful and loud woke me up and I was thankful we weren't blown down the mountain. This morning I watched a squirrel try to drink the frozen water in the birdbath. He would get a chunk of ice and break it into manageable pieces for him to eat. The birds didn't have as good of luck and had to wait for the ice to melt.

I had Houston's First Baptist on my mind today. The church is celebrating a 175 years of ministry in the city of Houston and the world. I hoped to catch the 5:00 webcast this evening and I was able to do that. When I was in high school there were some Sundays that my friend Mary Madeline and I would drive downtown after attending church at Willow Meadows to be a part of the service. As a senior in high school I brought car loads of friends to Spireno which was a modern/contemporary service for high schoolers and college age students. When I came back to Houston to attend U of H, I tried going to the college dept for Sunday School, but it just wasn't a good fit. After Roy and I were married we began attending First Baptist in 1982. My brother was attending and invited us to come and we were also given some tickets to the Christmas Pageant. Truthfully, it wasn't until the Christian Life Center, now known as the Fitness and Recreation Center, was opened did I really love attending church there. That is when we really began to make friends. Sunday School just felt like a competition or something in Married Young Adults and there for a bit there were a few clunker Sunday School teachers until Cecelia Talley became my teacher. Then I joined choir and as they say, the rest is history. I was also fortunate to serve on staff at Houston's First. When I think of First Baptist, it is the people and friends we have made not so much sermons or teachings I remember. We have done life with these friends for a long, long time. And after that bad run of bad teachers, I've had a few good teachers, some who even became good friends. Both Roy and I worked with youth for several years and totally enjoyed our time serving in the capacity. So today, it was good to celebrate across the miles with friends of First Baptist.

Today was also a good day at Newfound. I love my Sunday School class and the fun we have even when the lesson is on sin. After class I went down to the Fellowship Center and helped with prep work to have the lunches ready that people ordered. This was a fund raiser for Embrace Women's Ministry, to give additional funds to our budget so that we are able to do more ministry. I helped with slicing cake and bagging rolls on Saturday. Today I helped fill the green bean dishes and did a pretty mean fluffing of bags to put the dinners in. Such great fun and such great support from our church family. I am so glad I ordered two of those dinners to bring home because everything is delicious. That carrot souffle is the bomb digity!

This will be a great week for meals because Vivian gave me some of her famous potato soup, veggie soup and cornbread.

The wind is still howling a bit but we warm up tomorrow back in the 70's.

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