Friday, April 15, 2016

Terminate Verses Terminal and Bad Moods

This day did not go as planned but there isn't anything wrong with that...well kind of. The generator people had filled the 9:00 and 11:00 times but had 12:30-1:00 open. It seems that they would schedule appointments further out than the next day but I didn't find out these filled or scheduled times until after I woke up early, showered and dressed before 9:00 just in case. Roy called me from the office and he had the generator people on the other phone. So it was agreed to the 12:30ish appointment.

Then unlike Roy I heard from him several more times this morning and being cranky from early rising and interrupted sleep during the night by Buddy the cat and having plans altered for the day I wasn't my natural bubbly self...ok, I am not bubbly but I can be nicer. In the midst of these phone calls Buddy, who has slept well since her last early morning meow has sauntered down the stairs and heads to the kitchen for her morning treat, only I am on the phone with Roy. Thus I am not following her every whim. One would have thought her guts were being ripped from her very being as she yowled, no make that while she threw a temper tantrum in the kitchen. Right now I don't know what to think because although I love that cat I have never been so super observant of everything she is doing because she has acted like she hasn't felt well. These vets are scaring me when they inform naive me that Buddy is getting older, her eyesight is a little cloudy, she may have gingivitis around her back teeth and she has recently been constipated which can be nothing or it can be something serious. So I have become the littler box examiner although I haven't a clue of what I am looking for other than suspicious signs. You know back in the day we just cleaned out the litter box and in Texas Roy always did the doody duty. He is no help in helping me to understand if there are signs or not signs in the litter box. I did think I saw the image of Elvis yesterday in the carefully scratched and arranged kitty litter but I think I had inhaled too much of the dust from cleaning out the box and starting from the very beginning.

 Now where was I before taking that bunny trail? Oh yes, the unbelievable reality of me being cranky. My attention is divided between Roy and his retelling me about how everyone thought the sky was falling but it wasn't about his work which I totally don't understand and the sound of a cat who may or may not be dying in the I start crying and beg off the phone. Good news, Buddy is fine but I am still seriously cranky about the generator service appointment. Roy calls again on his way to his dentist appointment being all funny and full of life...doesn't he realize I am sitting home on a beautiful day in the mountains where there are antiques to explore and shopping to be done or a drive up to Johnson City, which now makes me think of Siler City from the Andy Griffith Show. And he wants to tell me jokes. Cranky McCranky begs off the call and decides my plan of not brushing my teeth to talk to the generator techs is probably not the most mature thing I have ever done.

Meanwhile, the vultures are circling overhead....not real vultures but real estate vultures. You see, we have decided to terminate our contract with our realtor but not because we are unhappy with her, no not at all. We love Courtney of The Linda Wade team but I'm probably going to schedule knee replacement surgery, so walkers and elevated potty chairs are not the look that is going to sell our beautiful home, and we are going to wait for a seller's market again. A home with a similar floor plan just sold and the walkout price just isn't what we want. But these real estate agents don't know that. Roy is getting tons of phone calls and I am getting the follow up emails. I respond to the emails with the info that due to my health issues we had to take the home off the market and I would like to take it to the next response level but mature Roy thinks it best for me not to confuse terminate with terminal and then fain innocence by writing, I have just heard the word terminal so much these past few weeks. I'm not lying because I have read several articles here of late where some train terminals are going to be re-purposed and used for retail or venues. Maybe all this terminal talk will stop because of all the lost business due to HB2. I have no clue, nor am I political. I am just stating the fact.

Now back to our story....anyway, Roy calls again after his dentist appointment and this dentist, he has two, wants him to start using a water pic. His other dentist told him to stop using one. So he is contemplating a water pic purchase because we ditched the one we had at the behest of dentist #1 and he also wants to buy a clock radio for his study. I tell him to take the small bookcase stereo unit to his study and then beg off the phone again with an apology because my mood hasn't changed.

 Now if I was a schmaltzy inspirational writer this is where I would insert a cute, relevant story of how my mood changed...but I'm not. I decided a nap should be taken and sleep caught up on. Only guess who thinks she should join me, Buddy the cat. She stayed for a few minutes, I got some nappy nap time in and I was in a good mood to meet friends for dinner tonight. I sent Roy an email of the newest water pic that Sam's had just sent and then called and apologized. Oh, yes, the generator guys came, did wonderful work but didn't quite understand that they should come to the back door in the garage. They handed me the report through the door off the deck.

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