Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Day in South Asheville

If you stand outside in our garage the wind blowing through the cracks makes that mournful sad whistle. It is cool outside because it is 54 degrees and I am sure it feels much cooler than the actual temperature due to the gusty winds. The sky is overcast but the delightful melodious sound of wind chimes hardly ever takes a break.

Today I had a couple of errands to run in south Asheville. The traffic wasn't too bad but if I ever miss the stress of too many cars in not enough lanes, I know where to go. The opposite direction of the freeway was jam packed and at a dead stop because work on a bridge had shut down one lane. I ran into Best Buy and Target, then headed over to Publix. We are getting one in our area in 2017, so I stopped in and did a little shopping. Prices were comparable to Ingle's on many items but Publix beat Ingle's on already prepared meals or meals that just need to be popped into the oven.  They carry the light butter I like and it was two for one. Also on Wednesdays it is senior appreciation day, so I asked for my 5% discount and was happy to get it. Right behind the store a huge apartment complex is being built. At least in Houston the roads kind of support that amount of traffic, here not so much. I took the back way through Biltmore Park to get over to the Barnes and Noble. If we ever want to return to city living, I think this is where we would look. Just beautiful! Anyway, even with the Wednesday farmer's market happening, I was able to find a close space in front of Barnes and Noble. I was fortunate that they had what I was looking for, so in and out in a flash. All the traffic had cleared on the freeway and it was rather uneventful coming back home.

Last night was the finale of The People verses OJ Simpson. That was a great mini-series and it was done well. Finally, after twenty one years Marcia Clark might now be viewed in a different light other than the b word. After each episode I Googled things related to the trial. Seeing the jurors in the series made a whole lot of difference to what I thought the outcome would be that day when we sat around at the University Club after playing tennis to hear the verdict. We were all shocked yet we weren't. Since it came on at 10:00 here, these past few weeks have made sleep difficult. My mind wouldn't shut down, thinking about the episode. Some of those nights Buddy was not cooperative and she had trouble settling down.

I worked hard yesterday on getting clothes ready for spring and summer after these next few bouts of cold temps finish up here. I got a couple more storage bags today even though once I get things sorted and put away, I will have leftovers but right now I would like to clear off the bed in another bedroom.

We have another big weekend coming up with women's ministry. Last week we helped do trim painting in the parsonage. This week we have a fundraiser to raise additional monies other than what is given in the budget. On Saturday, those who really cook, will be making the to go lunches that have been ordered and will be picked up after church on Sunday. I ordered two full plates, with ham and all kinds of veggies. Yum!

Just about the time I was ready to post we lost the internet connection for a while. So happy Thursday morning. It rained during the night but it is sunny and calm. The wind is supposed to pick up a little later.

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