Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday Whats

On this Wednesday I am thinking of some friends in Houston who have a very emotionally tough day ahead. This afternoon will be the memorial service for their father and grandfather. He was one of those men of the church who are a presence and it is difficult to even think that their presence and influence wouldn't be there forever. Technically, he will be through lives he touched all these years at First Baptist as a teacher, deacon, dean of high school camp, friend, advocate and sometimes adversary. Back in Pageant days he headed security and I always felt a little safer and protected because John was standing guard casually to the side in the lobby or narthex or vestibule. I loved watching how he loved his family and through some of the toughest days gave hope and encouragement. He didn't just talk the talk, he walked it. After the service the family is having an ice cream reception because John loved him some Blue Bell ice cream. What a great way to celebrate a man who has been a presence and disciple of the Lord. I can still hear his great laugh and will carry that with me when I think about and pray for my friends today.

I totally gave into my nerd side yesterday afternoon. After checking in and seeing if anything needed doing at a friend's home, I drove around the countryside. It still blows me away that I can drive around the corner and be able to see the mountains that line the North Carolina and Tennessee border. I specifically wanted to see if the bison had given birth to their little bisons but they weren't near the road to be able to tell. The vistas and valleys along that road are breathtaking! The clouds settled along the tops of the mountains and created quite the contrast of white, blue and the emerging greens of the trees. The trees that line the top of the mountains still look like mo-hawks but it won't be too much longer and all the leaves will fill in the space. I wasn't quite ready to return home so I went to the library parking lot. I have not paid my respects to the library out here yet but the view I had been told from the parking lot is worth the trip up the driveway. It was beautiful and so is the building. Very modern lines but with homage to the past in those lines. When I came home I headed straight to the front porch and entertained myself with the bird call app on my phone. Hearing the replies from the responding birds in the trees was quite amusing. The house wrens responded the best. I love to watch for that brilliant cardinal red in the trees and shrubs. There is nothing quite like it.

Last night I got a decent night's sleep because the series I watched is over. I couldn't shut down my mind thinking through everything. It was a joy to fall asleep after watching one Seinfeld episode. This morning the lawn mowers began the day early on the property above us. It is a lawn service working and finishing up the pastures just now.
It is now Wednesday afternoon. I just finished changing out Buddy's litter box. Who knew that litter can be so heavy. I got a couple of baking soda liners at Tractor Supply this morning. Hopefully, that will help with disposal in the future. While at Tractor Supply I also got some new bird seed, two different kinds. Just mixed them up and put some out in the feeders. I think we have a hit on our hands. After Tractor Supply it was off to the grocery store. I am going to make a roast on Saturday, a new recipe, and I will let y'all know if it is blog worthy.

There is more work to be done, so off the blog for now.....

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