Friday, February 26, 2016

Three Day Posts

February 22 completed in home PT and passed my final with a grade of twenty five out of twenty eight. Roy figured it out and out it into a number that I'd understand last night. So I made an 89. I think the strength tests kind of surprised the head PT guy because it might not look like it now but being athletic all my life can pay off later in life from time to time and I crushed strength and resistance. I even held back cause the guy is slight of frame. So five weeks ago I broke a hip and recovery and rehab have gone well in those five weeks. Both the Dr and PT guys have cautioned me that once I return to NC, with the extra hills and inclines, it will feel a bit like starting over in some ways and with that in mind I continue working on endurance and confidence.

We had a great surprise last night, the Browns came over bearing supper and they walked over. They too are Rancho de Five residents. Once again, we are blown away and with the wind last night, that would not be hard, by the kindness we have experienced while recuperating.
Yesterday, the blog did not get much attention from me. Peggy texted to see if I wanted to meet some CBS friends for breakfast at The Bagel Cafe. What fun! We met at 10:00 and most of us left at 12:30. I came back home and picked up a few things before Chris got here and then began running a few errands in earnest. I made one last Macy's stop this time going to Macy's in Memorial City sans cane. It certainly makes one feel more aware and yet again I was able to take the escalator up but I didn't feel confident going down it. Found the elevator back in the corner of the second floor and came on down.

Way back in January when I came back for a week...ahem... anyway, I noticed this little round thing underneath one of our front yard trees. I thought it was some kind of ant poison receptacle and didn't think anything about it until last week. Roy mentioned that it made an alarm sound every time he unlocked or locked Sequisha. It never made a sound when I was near it. He picked it up and put it on the bench in the courtyard. It is some kind of motion detector, maybe even a toy. Who knows? Since moving the detector there have been several other items found beneath the tree. It feels like the tree with the knot hole next to the ramshackle Radley home from To Kill a Mockingbird.

I have started the repacking process so that it doesn't jumble up on me later. All the spring decor is back in the closet and now we are thinking through what could come up with me. I think there will be a few pieces of smaller type furniture and of course all the Home Goods stuff. I have so enjoyed this time here in Rancho de Five. I will leave with a renewed appreciation for our home here and remembering the joy we had as it was built. I have loved using the fireplaces both indoors and outside. It has been good being here because a friend who moved here has sold her house and moving north of Houston on her new career path. It has been good to be in her Rancho home again to remember the good times and the joy buying a new home brought her. If I can keep from tripping on the return trip to NC, the next time I'm here, she will have settled into her new home.
Well...I keep having fun things to do and so I have not finished this post. Lisa P came out and we went to the teaching time at CBS so that she and Linita could meet. It was fun to see friends again at Bible study. Lisa and I went to lunch at Lupe's and then we came back here and watched The Best Years of Our Life. It is such a good movie on many levels. Later in the evening Peggy dropped in for a few minutes.

Today I have several appointments and then I again need to return in earnest to re-packing. I can hardly believe that my time here in Katy is coming to a close and soon I will be back in the mountains. My friend Louise called last night to check in. She is a friend from church and we are in Sunday School together.

Now, breakfast is calling and I must go.

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