Monday, February 8, 2016

Living In Cane-Nan Now

This is an earlier morning than usual. I woke up a little after 5:00 wide awake.  It was another good sleep night and those seem to be more frequent as the days go by and for this I give thanks. Like many of y'all we stayed up and watched the Super Bowl. I'm glad Peyton will be able to leave football on his own terms.

We enjoyed a relaxing Sunday. Roy went to church and I went to webcast church. We also did a little rearranging of things that will be going back to the mountains with me. All the spring decorations went back into the closet and now we are rethinking what will go back in their place. Houston is doing a good job at keeping me cool, in fact I have been downright cold. Those closest to me are probably stunned at that statement. I figure on those days when I struggle at being warm my body is just fighting to get me well.

I think this is my last week of three PT sessions. Next week I begin two times and then graduating to out patient.Drew and I did some hard work today during PT. He increased things with the resistance band and we did a lot of practical things like learning how to get in and out of the truck on the driver's side. We did a lot of cane work today too, so I am calling myself Cane-Nan, although I don't like to be called Nan and I have been singing to myself The Happy Goodman song, Living in Cane-Nan now. Drew is working with me to change the way I walk because the most damage I could do to myself right now is to fall, again. Just like with so many things that we do without thinking, I don't always bring my foot all the way to make a step and because my sense of balance can be off, I can trip up with the cane. I do NOT want to fall again. Haven't fallen since January 18th.  Once I don't have to use the cane, I will have to remember to do these things and work on balance in a very safe manner. Drew is also starting to get me ready for stairs and he gave me a few things to do as I prepare to launch back into independence in the coming months.

Roy and I are so overtaken with gratitude for the kindness we are experiencing. The dinners, the cards, texts, the calls and visits keep me so encouraged and helps Roy so much. I am glad that I can do more each week and he doesn't have to be on caregiver duty round the clock like he did several weeks ago. This whole experience continues to open my eyes and my heart. In the mountain church I attend people there are so generous with love and care. I have watched them as they care for friends and church members by a visit or cookies or whatever the Lord puts in their heart to do. Being there is much more than the check the box attitude that can be seen in much larger churches. Of course in larger churches it almost can't be helped even with great infrastructure for small groups and Sunday School. God help you if you are in a group where someone who has control over decisions concerning ministry doesn't like you cause you will be hung out to dry. You have to ask the Lord to send ravens or angels or someone if you're in dire straights and believe me He will and does.  I am so thankful for Community Bible Study friends who have stepped in and filled the gap and of course close friends from First. A card I got last week from a friend who would be considered one of our closest neighbors in NC has volunteered to come over when I get back and help me with my chores until I am steady and ready. That blows me away because I know without help there are just going to be somethings I will have to modify to take care of things. Right now Buddy is getting the best care from Bill and he sends me videos or pics of Buddy almost everyday letting me know that she is doing well. OK, they fight over what to watch on TV but every cat wants to be in control. Buddy has met her match with this heavily decorated Navy man. He is putting discipline into her life.

Well, I better go to my set of PT exercises. I might do a little solo trip tomorrow and test out my newly acquired skills. The Dr has encouraged me to do a little driving everyday to gain back confidence.

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