Thursday, February 11, 2016

So Very Blessed

I am actually easing into the day and it is a welcomed respite. Many mornings begin early due to PT or appointments or due to the fact that I am wide awake at an early morning hour. The sunrises have been outstanding and the sky a rich golden hue. The birds are active early and they return toward the evening. The roses we planted several years ago are now so tall and it is the time of year to dead head but I will have to depend on the kindness of Roy to do that cause I don't think a short ramble into the yard is part of the whole field trip experience right now.

Yesterday, I had PT in the morning and we did a lot of resistance band work. I had to stop some of it because it was causing my knee some pain. Then I had a fun field trip of meeting Bev for lunch. We are notorious for our lunches in that they are the longest lunches ever and we don't mind that one bit. Even when we saw each other at Bible study, our lunches have always been long and entertaining. We had such a wonderful time catching up. Bev is such a talented artist and she has three alpacas, one dog and one husband. Ha!  Anyway, she made me a felted heart for tea cups and mugs. It is too beautiful to be an everyday used item. I am thinking it will be proudly displayed in the twin bedroom at the Ander House. I hope that Bev will be able to schedule some time up that way in the fall.

When I got home Chris was finishing up with the house. She had her work cut out for her this week. We were rather messy people. While she finished up in the casita bedroom, I worked on a small project to bring a couple of good laughs for a friend.

Today my friend Sherrie came over with lunch and we had the best time talking and encouraging one another. She helped me with two package deliveries too. Sometimes the courtyard makes me a little unsteady with the extra ridges and stamped concrete.

My iPhone does not know what time it is. It keeps shifting between eastern and central time. Eastern time has caught me unawares several times and I'm wondering where did the time go or sometimes it is, I am running so late.

Roy is making the bold move of putting up the walker tonight. I am only supposed to use it now when I feel really tired. Thankfully, I only feel really tired in the middle of the night when I am sleeping.  And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.

We continue to count our blessings as God is doing a wondrous thing in our lives. This morning my Bible reading was Psalm 46 and once again God's Word fell afresh from very familiar scriptures. I love when that happens.

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