Friday, February 12, 2016

Still...Still and Be Still...There is a Difference

It is a little before noon and it has already been a full morning. PT was a little earlier than usual to accommodate PT guy's schedule today. We mainly did resistance work and I think we are slowly but surely coming to the end of home PT. I am ready to move to the next level. As soon as he left I headed over to Academy to try a field trip there when it isn't so crowded. It looks like Academy has changed up its merchandise quite a bit and since nothing appealed to me, I went over to the shoe dept to see what if anything fun might be there. Okay, comfortable shoes are not fun but since I have tennis shoes and boots, I need to find something that I will wear here and in NC. Found some shoes on sale so we will see how all that works out. Field trip tired me out so it was back home to pay bills. Now I am waiting on Roy to get home and then a trip to Emmanuel for a haircut and I think we might just eat dinner out.

I saw something on Facebook the other day that was rather interesting. In light of Psalm 46:10, Be still and know that I am God, in my reading the other day there was a post about staying away from still people. So stay away from;

  • Still Broke
  • Still Complaining
  • Still Borrowing
  • Still Hating
  • Still Childish
  • Still Insecure
  • Still Stupid
  • Still Not Making a Change In Their Lives
Guess there is a huge difference of being still and knowing and procrastinating on change.  It all goes back to living small lives and making small choices instead of living an expansive and spacious life that only God can give. Now this is for me, but I can see being back here in Houston how easy it is to get sucked into chaos and smallness. Nothing new under the sun. I think the still insecure and still not making change in their lives are two of the most dangerous stills. Insecurity fights with each and every person or thing, real or perceived at any hint of threat to comfort or to what someone has acquired and feels like it could be taken away...again mostly perceived. So still people go around clutching tightly, grasping at it all, trying to control what someone or something is trying to take away. Again, real or perceived. My opinion is it is mostly perception. So the insecure have to tear down others and can choose to be vocal or they can hide those thoughts in their hearts and scatter their insecurity at the deemed opportunistic times. The best is when they spiritualize insecurity and call it discernment. It is kind of sad to watch whether it be from a distance or close up. I had a parent who was and probably still is immensely insecure. They chose to attack strengths in order to produce a mass of insecurity and doubts. After a while you almost get immune to it if you are strong willed and God help you if you are not. But even if you are immune to those attacks on yourself, it is obvious and riles you up a bit when you see it happening to someone else that doesn't really know what to do with the criticism, attacks and put downs. Oops, I totally got off subject here and did a little bunny trail. Oh well.... bottom line watch out for those who are still insecure and haven't seen the light on how this can change in them and make them happier and more pleasant people to be around. And yes, I admit those insecure times happened in me but I'm here to tell you, the wear and tear insecurity takes on is not worth it.

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