Friday, February 19, 2016

A Very Early Friday Morning

The original plans for today involved getting up and getting ready to head over to Bible study but when the morning arrived the body just wasn't feeling it. I had pushed too hard yesterday with all the PT and then field trips to increase endurance. The field trips proved to be beneficial in more ways than one. Of course physically doing things and getting back into a recognizable normal and also seeing how vulnerable we really can be. It has also been a good reminder of consciously knowing we need to depend on Him no matter our health or our halt and lameness. To go along with the physical eyes, it seems that so much of what I read these days has a definite theme of path...yep, the two go hand in hand. There are all those path Bible verses that are really some of my favorites and then there is the fiction I've been reading with subplots of paths taken, paths that shouldn't have been taken and paths that the character needed to make for the good of others.

A conversation that Lisa P and I had long ago keeps coming to mind. We talked about how something like cancer or illness or blessings or fortuitous adventure becomes your world. There are a lot of young mother blogs that are so informative to other young mothers that you are not going this alone. In 2005 when it seemed everyone, well not guys, was having that blessed day of female surgery where one can join the white pants club. There were friends who had the surgery before me that were so helpful in letting me know what to expect in the days ahead and then my OB/GYN reminded me to be helpful to those who were having said procedure after me. It was one long encouragement train of friends helping friends that summer and fall of 2005. Right now my world is recovery and rehab world and it colors how I see circumstances and situations. First and foremost I want recovery and rehab world in the distant past. Some people thrive in never wanting to leave the world where others are so instrumental with help to get you through the days and nights. Not me, I want to take up this mat and walk. I'm thankful we have put the walker in the closet and now when I am out and about it is ambling around with a cane but I want the cane to go to the closet too but most likely it will go in the backseat of the truck when the time comes. In gleaning wisdom from others, there are those times a cane is needed not so much for you but to give space from others who are in a hurry or impatient with the slowness of your gait.

It is an early Friday morning, the sun hasn't risen yet. I don't know why I am wide awake at this early hour, but I am. Maybe it's because I have a Dr appointment today and I am excited and anticipating good news. Or it could be I got a good night's rest.

Peggy came over around noon and we solved the world's problems, then we had lunch. We decided to eat at Dekker's in Fulshear. Great outdoor space. As always the food is good and the service a bit slow. You do not want to eat here if you have a definite time frame for activity. Then we went over to Gabby's to check out all the new Easter stuff. Fulshear continues to grow at a rapid pace. It was a bit overwhelming to see all the new construction. I commented that now Hunt Retreat doesn't seem that far away and it isn't.  Just about fifteen minutes away from our house.

We had a quiet evening. Roy is in the middle of a good mystery and I am trying to get interested in a book that got rave reviews but so far it has not drawn me in. We have a repair guy coming again to see if they can fix our stove.

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