Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday's What's Up?

It is a sunny morning out here on the prairie. The birds were up early and singing in the sunrise. Today, I did not get up to enjoy that scene but stayed in bed and took in the song. The days are getting warmer and thus I feel the need to speed up recovery time because I would like to leave without having days of energy zapping from the heat and humidity. Back home is snow and ice and seems a good alternative but I am enjoying these days here in Katy, seeing friends and of course rehabbing the ol' hip on flat ground.

PT was interesting yesterday. We worked hard and while I went through the paces, PT guy told stories from his weekend attending Mike Evan's wedding to his fiance's niece. Yes, Johnny Football was there as well as other players from A&M and around the NFL. I only have PT once more this week and maybe one time next week here at home.

Roy had President's Day off, so soon after PT we left to run a few errands. I have had to be very creative with what I wear since my week in January was just to be that a week, I only brought flannel, sweaters and boots. Macy's online has been a tremendous cheap resource as well as Nordstrom, Target and Academy. Since we were near a Hallmark store we went inside because many stores carry Life is Good t-shirts and how fortunate to find two t-shirts to help round out the meager wardrobe choices. We celebrated at Escalante's and then headed over to The Fresh Market. Once we got home I took a nap. Endurance is getting better each day but recovery is an energy zapper.

Sunday evening I stayed up and watched Now Voyager yet again. I love that movie on so many different levels, the music and lighting are so well done and the story is inspirational on some levels. If a remake was made, I don't think it would be as good because in the 1940's one had to use one's imagination. This is the movie that made lighting a ciggie or rather two ciggies by the man and then handing one to the woman became one of the most romantic things ever if you were a smoker. Back then I think everyone was. I just Googled the movie and found out it is based on a book. Who knew? Well, I am sure many knew but I didn't. For Bette Davis' character, Charlotte Vale, being oppressed and bullied by her mean as a, well I don't know what...mother but to escape and not go back into the trap is indeed worth viewing the movie, although the mother's death does seem to help things along in Charlotte's life.

It is now Wednesday and I never got back to the computer. Sometimes when Roy gets home in the evening he is busy on it, so I knew I could conclude the post sometime soon. I had a fun afternoon with Linda V. She came over and we went to lunch and had a wonderful catch up visit. Since she had a knee replacement about nine weeks ago and with my hip replacement today celebrating four weeks, we were truly the halt and lame and we were darn proud of it!

This morning I had PT and I aced everything I needed to do. After Drew left I did a driving field trip to increase my endurance. It is beginning to feel like I am driving normally again. I still have to get into the truck differently but it gets easier every time. My main concern is looking like an opportunity so I try and get in and out as quickly as possible.

Well, that is about it for today. I am thankful I am four weeks out from surgery and doing well. God's provision and protection is all over my life and for this I am so thankful.

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