Wednesday, February 10, 2016

On the Right Path

The sunrise out here in Rancho de Five outdid itself this morning. Such warm, golden rays stretching across the sky. The Rancho birds are singing their hearts out this morning. Such lovely accompaniment for breakfast. Chris comes this afternoon which means a few things need to be picked up before she gets here, which I call predustination, what one does before the cleaning lady comes.

Tuesday was a milestone day on the road to recovery. My assignment, if I chose to accept it and I did, was to do a solo jaunt someplace in the near vicinity, jaunt and dismount, walk around and mount up again. I chose Target, mainly due to the fact there were a few things I needed from there. Since this is the land of a thousand minivans, I chose to go early. Thankfully, the first parking space after the handicap parking was open and I took full advantage of having more space to mount and dismount out of the truck. I was also going to Target as Cane-Nan, no walker for me...  I slid out of the truck and stuck the landing, although I forgot to throw my arms up in hindsight that wouldn't have been the wisest decision.  Anyway, into Target and I did precision shopping, not wasting a step or back tracking for any item. I felt so good, that I drove down to Home Goods and did a little walk through. Home Goods wasn't too crowded but it was a very quick stop. Next stop, the ATM for some cash and I was back home within an hour and a half. I returned home rather tired but filled with a sense of accomplishment. I'm concentrating on how I walk because PT Drew says that falling again is my enemy so I am relearning how to walk and stand.

Roy had jury duty yesterday in Richmond. Only one panel was formed but at 12:30 they let everyone go. By the time he got out of the parking garage and home it was nearly 2:00. He was rather happy to be done with that civic obligation.

This morning I am overwhelmed by the kindness of God from the people of God. Since the moment this accident happened, God's provision and protection has been all over this path. I never want to forget His kindness and I want to always remember to be available to being used by Him for others along the way. I am so thankful for the divine appointment that God had for Kim and me at The Lady of the Lourdes Hospital.  We are so thankful for the meals and for those who have been willing to drive me to appointments or just to get me out of the house. I am thankful for those who have come over and spent time with me making the days go by so quickly. We also have some very witty and funny friends and their cards have made my day. My choir friends from Newfound sent a delicious box of treats, fruit, cheese and sweet dainties. My Sunday School class at Newfound has called, sent cards and prayed for me. I have never known a more warm, fun and loving Sunday School class. They made me feel welcomed from the first Sunday I visited and I have it on good authority that they are saving my usual chair for me. Several have offered to help me with chores until I get back my mountain legs and can be functional on our driveway and yard. Today, we worked in PT on getting my hip ready to do stairs.

I am having another field trip today by meeting a friend for lunch. PT Drew told me today that the more I can do my field work, the better off I will be because it makes me stronger and adds to my endurance. Let me run the race with endurance or maybe better yet,let me walk the race, just a path.

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