Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine Sunday

Happy Valentine's Sunday! Roy is playing sabbatical today and it is really nice having him home this morning and not only due to the fact he is fixing a fabulous breakfast. The wind must be blowing consistently this morning because the wind chimes haven't stopped playing their melodious tones.

Last night as I began to fall asleep with the background of noise from WWII on the TV I mentioned to Roy that if all recovery is like what I have experienced with my hip, I wouldn't mind it so much. The dreaded recovery time from a knee replacement has almost immobilized any thought of having it done the past few years. Sure, doing the exercises several times a day is boring yet hard work. Mobility by walker is tedious and Cane-Nan walking is very focused but the social aspect of recovery has been off the charts wonderful! The time I have had here seeing friends has been very special. Lisa P has come out several times to laugh and watch movies with me. Peggy calls and drives me to appointments, with a few drop in visits here and there. Even Dena, who has a very tight schedule these days, has taken me out to lunch several times on those Saturdays when time seems to drag. I love seeing friends from Community Bible Study that have come by, many times bearing dinner and for this we are so very grateful. Yesterday Jenea came by with flowers and a card, but visiting with her was the highlight. We are former co-workers in the Ministry Suite and could rock the cat walk once through the doors and  to our offices. Sherrie came over Thursday with lunch and we had a blast laughing and solving the world's problems. The texts, emails and phone calls so encouraging! I am overwhelmed by cards, my love language, from friends in NC, especially my Sunday School class, cards from friends here and a few cards from my former Life Bible Study class at HFBC.

Yesterday, Emily invited friends to breakfast so we could meet her cousin from Montana. What a fun time! Pecan Grill is fabulous! The cinnamon good! It was also a good test for driving because it is the longest distance I have driven since being permitted to drive. I returned home and rested. Jenea came by and visited with us, such fun and then I went and picked up Dena for a late lunch. We decided on Tony's because it is quiet and you don't have to yell to talk over the noise and of course for me it is all about the cheese enchiladas. Since Dena is building a new home closer to her office, she is beginning to pack and get things ready to go. She said she had packed photo albums and cookbooks the other day and because it is a must do thing, she looked through some of the photos remembering moments in life. She said she looked at several from things and places we have gone and have probably forgotten about. We went back to her house and had dessert from Anything But Bundts or All About Bundts, I don't remember the name of the place but I will never forget the lemon bundt cake we shared. Wow! Delicious!

On this Valentine's Day I am also remembering a Mildred and Gertrude skit we did once for a church Valentine Banquet. The premise of course is Mildred and Gertrude were asked to head up the committee for the Sunday School Valentine Banquet. Our theme, Sweethearts of the Bible...and it of course goes south quickly...naming Abraham, Sarah and Hagar, Jacob, Leah and Rachel, David and his wives, and of course Solomon with his many wives and concubines....ah yes, sweethearts...all of them that we are never to follow exactly but pick and choose the good parts.

This morning I am also thinking about friends in NC. It sounds like a very cold and icy Valentine's Day. I almost feel guilty enjoying the 70 degree weather here on the prairie. I am anxious to get back and see everyone and of course Buddy. But, I can't go back until I can climb stairs and I am working very diligently on that. I'm thinking too I will need to park in the flat parking lot at church when I first get back, that is until I get my mountain legs again.  Okay, who am I kidding, never had mountain legs, what about slight incline legs?

On this particular Valentine's Day I am so thankful for Roy. He is a sweetheart! He has gone beyond the call to help me recover from surgery and regain confidence in walking and driving. Roy made my favorite breakfast this morning and we have laughed about things political and churchy as we ate. I love the card he gave says..."Our Life Doesn't Look Like Everybody Else's. It Looks Like Us. I Like Us."  He is the best and I love him!

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