Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Celebrating, Reflecting, Dropping and Writing

I am going to miss watching the mockingbirds that come every morning and perform Mockingbird Lake on the fence. It is an intricate dance and I think it is more about showing off because they both try to look taller and bigger than they are. This used to be dove territory when we had the feeder out there and a mockingbird could clear that feeder in fell swoop but I have noticed out on the green space there are more mockingbirds in residence. Yesterday during a light rain, several were perched in a tree enjoying the water making its way through their feathers.

With the last move of a resistance band and asking the last few questions for continuing strength exercises, in home PT has ended. I celebrated this monumental milestone by going to Office Max and Home Goods. We don't take enough time to celebrate the little hurdles in life. Just now Jonathan called and he is coming this afternoon for me to sign release papers. I also got the impression that if I had not been definite about returning to NC soon, he might have tried to extend the in home PT. It has been helpful but since day one I have been able to do all the exercises without difficulty and it is learning to do the daily things with a bionic hip that has been the most helpful. Endurance work is on my own because you cannot work on that stuff in thirty minutes of time. Endurance is coming slowly but surely. Drew brought up a point that I just might have to consider....since I will soon meet my out of pocket expenses with our insurance, it would be penurious to schedule knee replacement before the end of the year. I am thinking on these things.

So yes, celebrating finishing PT by shopping at Home Goods was a win. Although, that should be my last trip because there might not be enough room in the truck to bring everything back home. You know you're in trouble if you get a cart...heck you are in trouble if you don't get a cart because you will hunt one down because you always find something to buy and the victory take away is this, even though there were some very fine journals, the kind I like with narrow lines, not one of them came home with me. But on a not so victory note, a lamb might have been included in the purchases.

I should have never looked at Twitter and FB this morning because someone who loves everything to be a teachable moment from them, just teachable moment-ed. Argh! And I read it but I learned nothing other than life can be platitudes, the quality of being dull or stupid; a banal, trite or stale remark; a statement that express an idea that is not new. At least this banality has to be in a 140 characters or less.

When he gets home at night after a day in the office, I think Roy relishes his freedom from nursing and caregiver duties. He still has to carry some things for me because of balance and not wanting to fall again and start the whole process over. The only evening requirement now is cooking dinner or bringing dinner home. I am going to miss Tuesday night Popeye's Chicken when I return to NC. Although I am totally capable of ambling about, it is long time standing coupled with daily field trips that makes me inept for kitchen duty. I am hoping that next week I can at least fix one dinner. He has taken such good care of me, encouraged me and brought home surprises to keep me motivated.

I have started writing thank you notes and I tried to write them sooner than this but thinking about the kindness extended to us, I would break down in tears and after that I wasn't much good at writing a note. These past few weeks have held many sentimental moments, moments realizing I might be making a mistake to act on some things, thankful and grateful moments, little moments, big moments and monumental moments. There also came the realization that those who had kind of fallen out of my life and me out of theirs, had fallen for a reason and there wasn't a reason to try and reestablish any communication.

Well, there are chores to be done and some of them I can really do, laundry to be taken care of and Jonathan will be here this afternoon. I pulled out a suitcase and I have begun packing up all the winter things I brought cause I think Houston has turned the corner into spring.

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