Sunday, February 7, 2016

Field Trip Saturday

There was just that one big flash of lightning and the sound of thunder a little before 5:00 am. Since my phone is next to me on the nightstand, Roy asked for me to look at the radar. The rain would be doing the Cinco Ranch split, with the worst of it north of us and a few yellows on radar to the south of us...we were in the green. So Saturday morning went along as planned. Roy got ready for Bible study and then came back with a couple of donuts for me as a Saturday morning surprise. Yum! There aren't any Shipley's in NC.

We had the joyous experience of Lisa P and CourtneyS coming over yesterday afternoon. CourtneyS came bearing gifts of black eyed peas with sausage, greens, grits and a delicious chocolate pound cake for dessert. It was a meal worthy of breaking a hip for...We all sat around enjoying our lunch and conversation. Since CourtneyS has never seen The Bad Seed, we decided to watch so that she would know the references that Lisa P and I make more times than not about one of our favorite movies. It is so interesting on many levels but just the sheer campiness of it being filmed just like the stage play is so worth it. Roy retreated to the study when we started watching it because he is not a fan. What fun and of course CourtneyS pick right up on so many things and even made us discover some things we had never noticed before. The afternoon went by too quickly but I enjoyed the time tremendously! We took a few pictures to commemorate CourtneyS seeing The Bad Seed. No longer will she say, are y'all quoting from that movie?!

Roy and I spent a lazy evening at home with both of us nodding off while watching TV. Has it come to this?

It is now a beautiful Sunday morning. Roy has gone to church and I am enjoying the quiet and solitude of the morning. I slept very well last night because it was a full Saturday and I welcomed finishing up my book and going to bed around 10:30.

When I saw the Doctor this week he told me I could start working with a cane a little each day and to try and do a little neighborhood driving this weekend. Oh those are the words I longed to hear. So, after Roy went to Bible study and ran a couple of errands, he and I took off to the store for me to pick out a cane. I found a lovely blue one. We continued on with our day by going to Tony's Mexican Restaurant for lunch. I love Tony's! Our favorite waiter Jesse was our server. He brought out some complimentary queso and jalapenos. The lunch rush calmed down a bit and he was able to come by and visit with us. I told him of my attempts at making chili gravy and he laughed at my futile attempts so far. Before we left he brought me a container of chili gravy which we promptly froze when we returned home. Roy needed a little rest before the next portion of the day and honestly, I needed the rest as well.

I began calling this next portion of the day a field trip and I wasn't too sure I would go through with doing it. But, I thought, driving...big deal, it will be just like getting back on a bicycle, except this particular "bike" was more like getting on a too tall boy's bike. Getting into the passenger side of the truck hasn't been a biggie but the driver side and a right side hip replacement make it a bit dicey. I am not supposed to put my full weight on my leg yet. So after a few attempts I finally got behind the wheel and then I realized Peggy had been the last person to drive the truck, so the seat was still set for her. No wonder my legs didn't want to fit underneath the steering wheel. I drove us down to the Exxon station to fill up SequishShaun and then a little drive through Pine Mill Ranch to Spring Green. I drove over to the Academy store, cane in hand and we went inside. In hindsight, Academy on a weekend was not a smart choice. So many people, in such a big hurry and with little consideration for an older type lady walking with a cane. Roy had to act like a fullback and clear the way for me. By the time we got out of Academy and back to the truck, I was spent...exhausted but we both agreed I needed to get behind the wheel and complete my field trip work. It took some maneuvering but I made it. My right leg was so tired and for a brief second I thought I couldn't straighten out my foot, but it was just the way I was sitting. Happy to report I backed the truck into the driveway and then went into the house and sat down for a bit of a rest.

The intel from the field trip, I have made a lot of progress yet I still have a long way to go. There isn't any way I could drive back to NC right now and I'm not released to do that anyway. I see what work needs to be done and I will concentrate even more on my PT work I do on my own. The good thing is Roy is ready for me to drive and I am ready for me to drive. Right now I feel like I could do limited drive through things. It takes me too long to get into and out of the truck to feel safe.

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and I was able to finish my book The Swans of Fifth Avenue, a fictional account of true non-fiction events. It is outside of my usual reading but since it involved Truman Capote and he is considered a southern writer I was kind of in my genre. It was an interesting read about a style of life I have never ever coveted or wanted and really the 1970's just about destroyed the style of ladies who lunched and wanted to be seen at the finest places in NYC. Several times in the story the hard work of staying attractive for the present husband and for husbands to come showed how they married for money and for what it could bring them, thus they starved themselves and denied themselves.  You know this book was totally about "practiced" people. Those who might be wondering how to live a practiced life might like this book. For me, interesting but sad story and sadly on a much lesser scale I knew some of these types when I played tennis. I remember Pastor Gregg in a sermon referenced River Oaks Blvd in Houston, where the ultra rich live and play and he said has anyone ever driven down that street and felt sorry for the people who lived in those huge palatial houses? I could have answered yes, because I knew the lives some of those women lived there on River Oaks Blvd, who were willing to live that way to have the things they wanted but some did get smart and get away...not too many though.

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