Thursday, February 4, 2016


My bandages gone, I've been set free, the next few weeks more mobility. Gonna leave that walker behind, it's becoming plain, I soon will walk with just a cane.

Two weeks to the day from a hip replacement, the staples were removed!  Hallelujah! Not only were the staples removed, I also got back on the horse to speak...Peggy and I had lunch at Cracker Barrel before my appointment. It is really fun to go to lunch with Peggy because most times someone there knows her and it is fun to hear their neighborhood stories from years gone by or teaching together stories. And I get introduced to her friends as her partner in crime. If that doesn't make your heart skip a beat, I don't know what will.  Oops, I really don't want my heart to skip a beat...well, you know what I mean. After we had eaten, we stopped by the trash receptacles to see if any of that edging was little metal piece farther down from the can. I guess I can say truthfully the old adage is true, the bigger they are the harder the fall. Felled by a little piece of metal. We had a little bit of a wait since I think Wednesday mornings are surgery mornings for the Dr. Peggy kept me entertained in the waiting room by telling me stories of her staple removal on her knee. That and we kept ourselves entertained with things on FB that we thought funny.

Finally, I was called back to beyond the golden door and I thought I might have heard Peggy humming taps as I scooted the walker toward the door. First off, X-rays. Thankfully the warm up pants I had on had no metal grommets around the waist so I was spared wearing their lovely X-ray shorts. Three pics later and I was done. The nurse then led me back to the little room and placed all the instruments needed for staple removal. The doctor and his surgical assistant came in and we began discussing what happened, how it happened, treatment in Lafayette and the immediate future on the recovery calendar. Yes, it is hip to be square. I am just now thinking back to how I came to being a patient of Dr Smith's. Methodist Hospital in Katy had an information night on knees and joints and getting older. Dr Smith spoke briefly and I liked his manner and approach to care. So, I made an appointment and we began the injections into my knees. He went to the University of the South in Swanee TN and spent his growing up years in Highlands and Cashiers NC. So, he knows why I am anxious to get back to the mountains. He emphasized yesterday he wanted me to go back and be able to pick up right where I left off but maybe a few adjustments. Oooh, maybe I will get that Gator or Mule I have wanted to take down the trash and ride about in the yard.

I've done PT this morning and once again we did some of the work outside. We walked along the green space and then came in and did resistance and standing exercise. Looks like next week I will have three sessions and the week after that two sessions and I should be released to begin out patient work.

This week I have watched the OJ miniseries and the first part of the Bernie Madoff story. Now I remember why I don't watch drama before going to bed and it is because my brain won't shut off. I keep thinking about the show and how basically everyone should have realized if it is too good to be true, it probably isn't. The second part is on tonight and I will probably watch the conclusion.

Some of you might remember me asking you to pray for Shelby, who was a friend of my niece Erin. She fought the good fight and found her joy this morning around 6:50 am. I read her Caring Bridge journal just last night and read of the unexpected turn but I prayed for healing and for her to once again fight back into life. Well, she did that but into life eternal. Thankful she is a believer and she is with the Lord. But still this young woman who I never even met in person but met her via snap chat with Erin profoundly impacted me. Praying for her family in these tough days ahead.

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