Saturday, June 3, 2017

Easing Into Saturday

It looks like Buddy is heading upstairs for her first morning nap. She was a little feisty earlier but whatever was bothering her, probably lack of attention due to the fact I was asleep, has faded into finding her favorite sunny spot and drifting off with the sun maintaining vigil over her.

As I am wont to do, I am keeping my own vigil watching the pasture across the road. Thankfully, there are still some cows, it is just a smaller herd. The bulldozer didn't clear anything yesterday. With the activity over there it has affected the regular schedule of the cows and they are not where they usually are on the clock and in the field. Ah progress...

Yesterday morning Brenda and I grabbed a quick breakfast at Tommy's in Weaverville. The produce stand next to Tommy's hasn't opened yet and I wonder if it will. There was an older man clearing something out in the back when we left the parking lot. Maybe the not existent peach crop of South Carolina is part of the reason they aren't opening or most probably it is the age of the owners. Usually by now, I have been out to the produce stands across the mountains in Tennessee. Hmm...I need to rectify that. Brenda and I had a delicious breakfast and I dropped her off and continued on with the day. I knew I had a couple of packages at the Post Office that needed to be picked up and I had a few things that needed to be mailed. There were other things on my to do list but I was so sleepy from the lack of sleep the night before, I just came home and rested. Took a little nap too.

I did have a special treat yesterday afternoon because I got to talk with my brother for about an hour. He had been to Missouri to help Megan find an apartment for graduate school at Mizzou. They found one and she has a friend that lives there already. Always helps with a transition.

Speaking of transition, it is now the afternoon. Had a great workout and training time. My shoulder that has bothered me for years is coming along nicely and now with little pain, just a tinge here and there. We did core work and upper body as well. After working out I made my way to the library because I had some copies I needed to make and our printer is on its last legs. While I was there I had paperwork to prove I live in Buncombe County, so I came away with copies and with a library card. To begin my adventure of library reading, I can checkout two books and once those have been returned I am free to checkout lots more books. Yahoo! Then it seemed like a trip to Marshall was in order. Lisa P and I discovered these jammies made here in the great state of NC and here is the unbelievable price, $25-$27. I bought two more and a few other things I couldn't resist. Before heading into Penlands, I stopped at Wells Fargo to make a deposit and had a delightful conversation with the tellers. Next stop, Tractor Supply for bird seed and a few treats for Buddy. So, then Reems Creek sounded like a good idea. They are a nursery and had some beautiful plants I am considering. I also got the name of an area landscaper to come out and look at several places where we need some work done. I didn't come home with plants but with a few little items from their store. Reminded me a lot of enchanted garden.
A beautiful Saturday morning. Buddy is squirrel watching right now. Until this morning she has not paid that much attention to them out there with the birds, but they have her attention now. I might have had raccoons in the back last night, up near the gravel road. It was not a good sleeping night for me but Buddy wasn't the cause. I was reading a mystery type story last night and of course it woke my brain up thinking on all kinds of things happening in the story instead of putting me to sleep. Guess that library air got into my system yesterday. The view from the library parking lot is filled with awe and wonder at God's creation. The ladies working there are so nice. My friend Angela shared with me last night that the library's magazine free exchange is really a nice benefit to checking out books and other things. I'm excited to have another resource to share my magazines.  I did look at the books in the NC section and I have some fun reading ahead.

This weekend I need to fill out all the paperwork for the oral surgeon appointment coming up. It looks like I am giving my doctoral dissertation by the length and in depth questions. I printed out a copy to work on, the last print job of a dying printer, and then will fill it out online and get it into their office.

Well, the day is moving along and I should join it.

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