Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Taking Too Much Time

Yep, it's easy on a Saturday morning. Yet, there is so much to get done but these quiet moments give strength and help me take care of the things that demand attention today and yes, maybe even those things that don't.

Lowe's called yesterday with the news the swing was in. I went last night to pick it up but they hadn't assembled it. I thought about that when paying for it, even though they added a note to do that, they hadn't charged for the assembly. The girl working the customer service area kind of handed me off to two people that seemed to be more in charge. The swing probably wouldn't be ready until Tuesday because no assemblers were working over the weekend. Told them that was fine, no hurry and I think that attitude was gifted by no assembly charge. The man said, you came out, we didn't have it ready and you've been kind...it's on us. Back to the parking lot and the cool breeze before a storm or rain enveloped me, so naturally that means it is a good time to walk through the Lowe's garden center cause it won't be oppressively hot and the number of people looking at plants on a Friday night seemed relatively low. Found a couple more daylilies and some knockout roses.

When I entered the workout center Friday, there was such a pleasant surprise standing at the check in counter. There stood my tall friend Inez. She had joined and getting an initial session scheduled. Well, that just put a little spring into my step for my workout with Taylor. So encouraged as he and I discussed how far my workouts have come since first starting out with him.

This morning I headed out to pull weeds since we had rain last night. It doesn't take long for evaporation to take place and the ground be hard as rock. I kind of started back where I have some flowers growing but moved on and started working on the weeds and vines beside the driveway. It is a massive undertaking and even though I put in a long time I barely made a dent. When the skies began to look like we might be getting some rain, I gathered all the weeds and junk into trash bags. I dug up so many rocks that I began an Ebenezer pile.

Several of us went to lunch and produce stand shopping on Thursday celebrating Inez and Judy's birthdays. It seemed like a Blue Rooster kind of day. It was a bit rainy but not too bad. I did a brave thing on Thursday, I wore white pants. I hardly ever, ever wear white pants. The propensity of spillage goes up significantly. I sat here at the house barely stirring because it meant I could mess up those pants before leaving and then what to do? I am happy to report that I made it through lunch, which included cranberry relish and shopping at the produce stand buying blackberries without getting one stain on those pants. I don't know how often I will wear white cause it is too stressful.

I'm having a hard time getting this post finished up, so I am going to post it. Having a great time volunteering for the meal serving team at VBS this week.

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