Saturday, June 10, 2017


With the gentle rains of yesterday and the breaks in between showers, I pulled weeds. I know everyone is jealous. I had done a dose of DIY weed spray with epsom salts, cleaning vinegar and blue Dawn dish detergent. Using Round Up is not my first choice especially after reading an article that the ingredients used are the main ingredients that causes Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. And NHL is near and dear me because this was my father's cancer and fortunately he spent many years in remission. So the DIY spray did do some damage to the weeds and with the help of a rake and a shovel and some good old fashioned weed pulling, a small space was cleared. I might have gotten more weeds pulled but ADD kicked in and I found myself trimming back a small tree. It was very reminiscent of a fond memory at Cynthia's beach house. There was one of those tallow trees growing across the street on the edge of a neighbor's property. This tree was inhibiting our long distance view of the water. So we donned rain boots and set out across the street with a golf club, trimmer and maybe a saw...Cynthia and I worked on trimming that tree back. We used the golf club to bring the branch closer to us thus being able to make a dent in the foliage. Satisfied that we had done an adequate job we returned, climbed the stairs to the deck to look at our handiwork. Then we went back down the stairs, back to the tree and worked some more. Last night I didn't have a golf club but an old wooden cane I had used for blackberry picking. I pulled those limbs close to me and by using the leverage of the long handles and the rocks, I was able to do a pretty good job but it would have been more fun having Cynthia there cause we laughed ourselves silly while we worked. This situation, too, would have landed in the quite comical venue too.

During a weed pulling break I was so entertained by three baby squirrels playing on and around our neighbors huge trees. There seems to be an uptick in the squirrel population this year. Those three little squirrels ran up and down and around those trees with such energy.
Saturday morning...I slept in and now I am easing into the day. Oh there is a whole lot to get done but I'm taking it easy with a full week ahead.

This laptop is on its last legs. The page and font size jump around like crazy and it is difficult to write many mornings. We have been talking about getting a new one but we tended to think maybe we would get a better deal in a month or so as people begin to gear up for school. Roy stopped in at Best Buy yesterday after having Sequisha's 5000 mile checkup. He found a laptop with lots of memory and good speed. So, he bought it and is loading software and security on it. It weighs about five pounds which in laptop world is heavier than most but I don't usually take a laptop with me because my iPad fits that bill.

The good news this week is, the land across the street where the cows graze and the old barn adds picturesque to the scenery, has not been sold and all the bulldozing of trees is making a way for a new and bigger pond for the cows. Whew! Brenda called to let me know that good news. She heard a tractor coming down their way and by the sound of it, she knew it was a big tractor. Her husband had told his friend, who happens to be the man who owns the land across the way, if he wanted to cut for hay on the additional acreage on the land, he was welcome to do it. So, he took Larry up on the offer and that is when Brenda visited with him about what was going on. This is such good news. I had kind of started looking on Zillow to see what's for sale around here and in Madison County. I can stop that now, although I do keep an eye on what's on the market. Sitting on the porch last night was more relaxing than it has been. Thursday night I had to come in from the porch cause it was too cold. From what the weather people are saying, yesterday might have been our last 70's for the high day until September. Next week in the low 80's. Yes boys and girls, reasonable temps to live, move and exist in.

Around here, and I've written about this before, there are a bunch of little churches, mostly of the Baptist variety. There is this one little white clapboard church on the way into Weaverville and on Sunday mornings when I have either taken a sabbatical Sunday or just went to Sunday School, there are about four trucks parked in front of the church. That number has held consistently.  This little church with the huge theological name must have decided that a friendlier name might be in order. A new sign with the new name, which happens to be the same name as two other churches in the area, has produced the same amount of trucks parked in front of the church. I read an article a couple of weeks ago that mentioned changing terminology from this to that creates more participation in church life. Uh, well...maybe not. Maybe we just want to believe that. I'm not a millennial so maybe that's why it doesn't matter what you call Sunday School to me because the meaning of it is not the name, it is the friends gathered together to worship and learn about God and along the way we do life together, have fun together and you can change the name a thousand times, we will still be our gathering of friends. Maybe the changing of terminology has the most effect on those making the "word" changes. At First Baptist Houston, they changed the name of one the rooms from Green Room to___________. I can't remember the newish name. (Maybe Reception Room?) The green room was called the green room because most everything in that room was the color green. When that room was revamped during the Capital Campaign, the color green was erased from existence, thus the rename, which escapes me now. Why? Because I called it Marriott Meeting Room G because the carpet or if you are a professional, the floor covering looked like it had come straight out of the Marriott Design and Decorate Book. It wasn't ugly, just looked like hotel meeting room carpet.

Well, that's a wrap for this post. Onward....Into The Day!

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