Tuesday, June 6, 2017

If You Have Fifteen Minutes A Day.....

Tuesday morning...greetings. I was a little wired last night and it took a little longer to settle down and fall into sleep. Even after getting home from a meeting at church, I sat out on the porch taking in the dusk, the lightning bugs and the cows across the way being fed. The sun setting behind the mountains surrounded by clouds framing the beauty was worth the extra drive around on the way home from church. After rain the clouds arrange themselves on the tops of the mountains. I knew my camera on my phone would not be able to capture all the beauty so I took it it in knowing my mind and spirit would capture the essence for a beautiful memory to recall anytime I want.

Yesterday's workout with Travis once again a plumb line in seeing improvement in my knees and hips and having them do their proper work. We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made by God. I am so thankful for continued balance and functional fitness improvements.

If you have read Monablog for any amount of time you know that different things or statements or ideas that sound so simple, so easy...truly amuse me. Just scrolling through FB you can find all kinds of ways to fill your days fifteen minutes at a time. You can get rid of flabby arms at home, you can do exercise for those who have bad knees, all skin problems, taken care of in just fifteen minutes a day if  you do this or that. Products to lose weight, products to boost metabolism, detox in just a weekend. There are plans to read through the Bible by just spending fifteen minutes a day to accomplish that. Gratitude lists, prayer lists,blessings list, all good things and all can be done in fifteen minutes ...they go on and on...too many to list but it just might take fifteen or so minutes to do so here on the blog.  If we even for a short time took up every idea that only takes fifteen minutes a day, we wouldn't have time to do anything else. I have to admit though, I read some of these fifteen minute things and I probably use up about four minutes of that time span reading about fifteen minutes to a better life. That means if the online article makes you click through, oh let's say, fifteen pages...I am done with that and might look in the comments for someone to give a brief synopsis of the fifteen minute plan.

Beside the fifteen minute a day thing, there are all those questions we are being asked. I don't keep up with these things but the previously touted ideas on blogs is to ask questions might be making a comeback. The questions don't even have to be deep ones. Most of them are of the everyday variety. I mean really, we all want to give our opinions or be helpful but in the greater picture of platforms and recognizability, we are creating traffic and branding. And maybe just maybe there isn't a care for the information being given out so freely.

The workmen came today and picked up the mess of trash, unwanted lumber and the good stuff they had saved. It is nice having the whole driveway back. Much easier to back in. They have the metal pieces in for the handrail and for the swing, so that should be installed soon as well. Mike the Mower Man was here today and did a great job trimming. Even our neighbor Josh got out with his weed eater and cut down some of the weeds and such growing on his property in the ditch which is right in front of our house. Buddy and I have enjoyed some moments out here on the porch today. I just came in from spraying my vinegar, epsom salts and Dawn liquid detergent on the big ol' weeds and vines trying to take over once again.I stopped at Lowe's to get some white exterior paint to paint the trim around the storm door. Also got several good deals on reduced price plants like zinnias. Love those! I think I am going to clear some space on the tiered section of the back yard. There are several little trees growing and only a few will remain. The temps right now are perfect. The lovely sound of mooing and mowers fills the air...oh and the birds. They were especially loud earlier in the day.

There are several other things that are amusing me right now but my heart says...wait. We sure do say some stupid things in the midst of some really good things. So I will tell you our hydrangeas are going gangbusters. I'm seeing a few other places that need some knockout roses to fill in.

In the midst of all this amusement and questions and fifteen minutes I am thankful. Seem to have lots on my mind right now, sorting through things that makes me quiet and content. Anxious to close out a chapter and begin a new one. Anxious to put more things behind me and walk a new with new knees and a new attitude. Yes, I am quite thankful and if you will let me, if you only have fifteen minutes I can help your turn your distraught into.....nah. It takes longer than fifteen minutes.

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