Thursday, June 8, 2017

Texas Feels and Mountain Glory

Lightning bugs about this evening. I read an article last year about these flying beetles and they stay in the same area and don't move from their ancestral home. That's why when progress comes to the country and the country becomes the city, you don't see them anymore. They don't move onto greener pastures. One night they were so plentiful that they made the firs into Christmas trees with their blinking behinds all around the trees.

This girl took off this morning to points north. It wasn't a case of homesickness but a case of missing Texas things. Johnson City has an Academy Sporting Goods store. They started in Houston and we shopped the original store since it was relatively close to our home. In this store they have the historical history done in a time line complete with pics. I am thankful I did not turn into my grandmother and start saying thing to anyone who passed by, I shopped there...I'm from Houston. Whew! I did find a few things that needed to be purchased and I had worked up quite the appetite that lunch at Carrabba's sounded good, another Houston institution. I took cooking lessons from Mary Carrabba and also from the Pappas matriarch, once they both taught in the same cooking class. They bickered back and forth the whole time. It was quite amusing. It was more difficult, but I didn't say anything while eating lunch to the server. Ah, mezzaluna pasta I have missed you. Dena asked me if I ordered any calamari? Their calamari is very tasty but alas I was by myself and couldn't justify an order. There are Carrabba's in Asheville but this seemed like these two stops should go together. I did stop and Barnes and Noble too.

On the way back home I stopped at a couple of produce stands. Ah yes, one of my favorite things to do. I bought some TN strawberries that I just cut up and froze. They are wonderful and little. Love little strawberries, they are so cute and so sweet. For supper this evening I fixed a tomato sandwich with Grainger tomatoes. Yum!

The evening is cool out here on the porch. It looked like south of us had some rain so it cooled off. It was just in the low 70's today. Usually I see deer on my way back home but only saw some turkeys. The lightning bugs have Buddy mesmerized yet frustrated since she can't get to them.  When I got home and after unloading SequishShawn, I took a little nap.
Even though I was writing from the front porch last night, I needed to stop and take in dusk overtaking day into night. With so many clouds in the sky and with the different hues of blues, grays and pinks, it was a fabulous sight.

Another trend on social media is checking to see if your body is telling you something. Do you have a hangnail? These are the signs of underactive or overactive....take your pick from many ailments. Not to many of these articles are that helpful and you could fill up any leftover time from your it only takes fifteen minutes time worrying whether you should worry or not...So, instead of going to a Dr, ask FB if there are any old home remedies. Last night I stopped reading FB because there were too many "is this snake venomous" pictures or what kind of snake is this? Ugh! My neighbor has seen a large black snake and I know they are good snakes, eat the venomous snakes and keeps rodents at bay. I think that with our neighbor above us not moving his fields as much would mean those snakes and you have to assume there is more than one, are in those fields having a veritable smorgasbord of field mice to choose from.

I have Sirius XM radio in the truck. Sometimes when I am tired of listening to music I listen to the comedy channels. Here's the problem, with satellite radio going around and in and out in the mountains, you can lose the signal for a few seconds. With music you can kind of sing along in your head and be at the right spot when the signal returns. Not so with the comedy channels. You can be listening and just as the punch line or the great part of the story is being told...boom, lost signal. You can't get it back and unless you have heard the joke or story don't have closure.  Lately, I have heard a few oldie but goodies of Steve Martin and Gilda Radner. Yesterday I was listening to Jeff Foxworthy interview a fellow southern comedian. It was entertaining of course.

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