Saturday, June 17, 2017

Side Step, Side Step

The first year we were here we had goldfinches and indigo blue birds by the handful. Last year I think I saw one goldfinch but last year seemed to be the year of the cardinal and there were times the butterfly bushes were filled with six or more cardinals, all getting along and sharing. This year I have been so entertained by the cardinals and their young birdlings. Of course I went to the Google to research when the young ones feathers turn dark red for the male and brownish red for females. This year the goldfinches and indigos came back but not like the first year. Lots of small birds come to the feeders and they are all quite entertaining. The squirrels seem to have increased in number and there are times four or more squirrels are banqueting in the backyard. If one of them climbs into the feeder that's when I become the crazy squirrel lady, yelling and making noise for them to leave, well for a little bit at least. I had never seen squirrels tackling one another ever, that is until recently. They are serious about their food. Yesterday, while on the phone with Peggy, the biggest groundhog was chowing down on plants and weeds. I then became the crazy groundhog lady and yelled out at it. For a biggie, it sure moved quickly back into the safety of the weeds and growth at the end of the gravel road. The birds probably liked it better when I was up early because of the workmen building the porch and deck cause they were fed earlier. Now they have had to become more like brunch birds.

I belong to a FB group that is quite entertaining as well as educational learning the history the Appalachians. But there is one thing, there is a lot of snake picture postings. Dead ones, alive ones, what kind of ones, have you ever seen ones, the list goes on. Then someone posts a guide to venomous verses good snakes which is mainly shape of head and eyes. Uh no, not going to get that close to have determine this. I know that king snakes, black snakes, rat snakes are good snakes to have around. I saw a black snake shimmy across a road the other day and for a brief second I thought about running over it but it was a black snake, which means good snake. Every time someone says good snake I can hear the voice of Glenda the good witch from Wizard of Oz saying, "I'm a good snake.' I do believe I saw a black snake out back last night, up higher on the tier, hiding in the shrubbery. He made a little movement that got my attention. I finished up planting the last little flower and moved on with my work. Or it could have been a little bird that stirred and a tree branch. Again, I'm not getting close enough to determine exactly what moved.

Last night I started painting the stone step railings. Using a chestnut color that blends very well with the black primer. So I had to refigure how to paint, keep the steps covered, yet get down the steps without falling. The mistake yesterday was working on both railings and this morning brilliant one here realized you work on one railing at a time and use the other one for balance which means the tarp is folded in half only to cover half the steps at a time. It is already rather warm so a small section this morning and if the rain holds off, another small section this evening. Had a good moment while hunting for something old to wear while working today. Either I gave away and didn't pull out from under the bed storage some old stuff I wouldn't mind getting paint on. I found a pair of workout capris that were too small when I had knee replacements. Today, they fit and fit well, not just barely. So there was an unexpected encouraging moment.

Seems like I am seeing so many quotes and stories about letting something go that you love doing or have done for a while and thus promoting growth or opening up an opportunity for another to grow. I tend to worry a little about how will it affect things but if God is in it, there might be momentary discomfort but soon it is so obvious this was the right decision. Several years ago I sensed that the Lord was asking me to place something I loved at His feet and after months of wrestling with the decision, I obeyed. Then miraculously I saw nothing happen or so that is what I was thinking. Through several different circumstances I began to see how if I had held onto this thing, I would never be here in North Carolina. Living here is one of those things more abundantly than I could think or ask of the Lord. It was giving to the Lord something that I loved and treasured and trusting Him. I wonder how many are missing out on the more abundantly, more that they could ask or think? I am reminded of something Sandy Bell put on FB when a staff member left for another church in the city,
 BUT "Failing to move when God tells you to causes you to miss your destiny AND causes others to miss the blessings God has for them through you " ( Sandra Bell in my book)

And I would add because of you, cause you just might be the checker on the board that needs to move for more blessings to fall into place for others.

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