Friday, June 16, 2017

End Of The Week

Two days in a row of a change in plans and I am not complaining. Yesterday, Taylor had a flat tire on his way to the fitness center and his spare was flat too. He was waiting for AAA to come to the rescue. So, I headed toward Waynesville to celebrate my one year anniversary of discovering and eating at The Blue Rooster. I took the back way there and made a note to return home that way in order to stop at a produce stand that I've never visited before. Lunch was delicious and yes it is summer because even at 1:40, the only seating available was at the bar. Had a delicious lunch and got some veggies to go. I ran by the Belk's in West Waynesville. Our church takes up a collection of things for the people who work for the traveling fairs. We do hygeine kits, some volunteer and this year the need for socks and shoes is great. Since Roy needs extended sized socks I thought that is what we should give cause there has to be men working the fair that need the larger sized sock for size 13 and up shoes. Thankfully, Belk had the extended size crew socks and it buy one get one 50% off. They just happened to have two packages of them. I had planned on stopping in at the Hazelwood district but with cloudy skies and the thought of a produce stand, I hastened. hastened gladly, hasten so glad and free (hasten glad and free) back over to the stand. They had Bryson City strawberries and blackberries and some Cherokee purple heirloom tomatoes came home with me. The skies looked like rain but we never got any at home. I moved the bird feeder and bath down to the level part of the yard near the new swing stand. I planted a few more flowers and then called it a day outside because of the thunder.

This morning I was up early for a hair appointment and since parking in Biltmore Village is an issue, I planned to go early, have breakfast at Corner Kitchen, walk about and then go to my appointment. Just as I finished taking my meds, a message from Christine came. She needed to move my appointment to Tuesday due to a babysitter issue. No, not a problem at all to change, so I wound up with more easing into the day without a strict schedule. After feeding the birds and such, I headed over to the bank and then to Ingle's. Here of late, the drive through lines haven't been long or taken a lot of time. Today, that record was broken by not one but two drivers. The guy in the old blue truck didn't even pull all the way up to the window, he stopped and almost blocked both lanes, The lady in the Toyota did not want to go to the second lane cause it is not the window lane but she finally, finally decided that remained her only option cause guy in truck wasn't going anywhere. I picked her line hedging my bet that she would be faster than blue truck. For once in my life I picked the right lane although she was having issues as well. The line of cars behind me continued to increase. Finally, the woman concluded her banking business and she was off. My transaction was short and sweet and when I left the blue truck was still sitting at the window. The grocery store wasn't too much better because every available way into the produce section was blocked. I chose to follow the lady who seemed to be moving the best but as I drew even closer to finally getting into the produce section, she blocked the grape section with her cart and said to me that she would be getting first choice of grapes, not me. Uh, I don't want any grapes but I did reach across her cart and picked up a bag of lemons displayed between the red and green grapes.
All that patience wore me out yesterday and I never came back to blogging. I had a wonderful treat when Inez came over to see the porch and swing stand last night. So fun, just sitting on the porch talking. Buddy was in and out while she was here but Buddy settled down and watched the birds before we called it a night on the porch.

Today I worked out and then went over to Lowe's to order a porch swing. I ordered a low maintenance swing that costs a little more but has a great warranty and no keeping up with painting it. It should be here sometime next week and I also asked for it to be assembled cause you know Roy and I are outsource kind of people when it comes to putting stuff together.  I also bought some paint for the railings. Oh and discounted zinnias.

Now I'm waiting to see if it does or doesn't rain. We need the rain so I am not beginning a project just to have to run back inside if it thunders.

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