Saturday, July 1, 2017

Out With The Old, In With The New

This might be my last blog post written on this laptop. Roy bought me a new one, installed most everything and he's just waiting for me to be awake enough to learn the ropes. This laptop is old and slow and the font size and page jump around too much, large to small to extra small to extra large. I only know a couple of things that I want on a computer so we treat buying them like we do when we buy cars. Roy goes, looks, then takes me to see once he has the fundamentals of what we want nailed down, whereas I like the bells and whistles...which doesn't make for a better price at the dealership or online.

I believe the GPS in our Tundra takes you on the road less traveled. You would not believe the route we took to get to the Costco in Spartanburg. It would have been so much easier taking the exit off I 26. The same thing happened yesterday when we left Grandfather's Mountain to go to Valle Crucis to see the original Mast General Store. She took us up through Banner Elk. A scenic, curvy drive that we loved. We used Google Girl to leave and we took the route that I remembered. When we encountered stopped traffic, I then understood why we went through Banner Elk. Tallulah Toyota wants to avoid stop and go traffic at all costs. She is always suggesting another route to the Charlotte airport because of the usual backup at a light in Gastonia where all the world meets, everyday in cars and trucks.

We have so much that needs to be done around here but we took a play day yesterday just because and because the weather forecast was perfect for a day in the high country of NC. We left a little after 9:00 heading for our first stop Grandfather's Mountain. It is a beautiful drive and a lot of road work in Burnsville is done. We had the double score on the entrance fee, discount for seniors and being a Biltmore Passholder. They give you a CD to listen to as you begin the assent to the top of the mountain. We put the CD in a little late so we were ahead of the narration. That's when we decided just to drive up the mountain without it. First stop at the museum and nature center, with a restaurant and restrooms. Oh and the most important stop in any trip, the gift shop. The restaurant is apply named Mildred's Grill, after Mildred the Bear, who I believe just passed away a few weeks ago from cancer. We grabbed some lunch there and we were entertained by the hummingbirds at the feeders attached to the large windows. Roy talked to many of the staff there getting information for the week long photo workshop they do at the beginning of June. We also visited with a couple who volunteer there. Retired and moved from the Mississippi Delta., where it is hot, just like Houston. Now this is such a Mississippi thing...all southerns try to connect with people that you might know but people from Mississippi seem to be the ones that try the connection the most. They ask where you are from and we give our answer which usually includes Houston. They asked what kind of business Roy is in, and he answered oil and gas...which up here I always add, not fracking. The woman then says, here is the connection...we have a nephew by marriage in the oil and gas business in you know _________? There are millions of people and a whole lot of oil and gas companies in Houston. What are the chances we know him? Well, none...we didn't know him by his nickname or real name. I love that about Mississippians. The gift shop has a lot of cute things and that is always a plus. Then we drove up the mountain to the swinging bridge. The temperature change near the bridge is cooler by far. Roy went across the mile high swinging bridge but I did not. My accomplishment yesterday at the bridge was climbing the steps up to it rather than taking the elevator. My heart was all a flutter from that exercise. Roy tried to start climbing up the rocks on the other side, there is no fence or guardrail, and he wavered a bit, lost his balance carrying his camera. I thought don't make me come over that bridge to make you stop trying something that is clearly for the young or those who have excellent balance. We had just had a conversation on our way about what are young jobs and how someone has to have a clear transition plan in place.
Well on this rainy Saturday evening, I am writing from my new laptop. Love the keyboard! Roy has loaded pics and music on it so this makes me very happy. We worked outside this morning and did so until it was just too hot. Roy painted the trim around the storm door and I kept on painting the hand rails on the stone steps. We did a little bit of weeding and then came inside. We are enjoying this rainy evening that has cooled things off as well as watered the plants, which they really needed. Roy made his famous tacos tonight.

So new laptop and hopefully without the jumping page and fonts.

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