Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Random Things

This post might just be filled with random thoughts and questions that might be answered or might not.

A couple of Sunday mornings ago, when the sanctuary or worship center or where we have big church....who knows what it is being called these days, VBS decorations covered the stage and planets were suspended over the congregation or worshipers or here's all the people (from the long ago make a church with your fingers) game (probably some new term that I'm not hip to.) Where I was sitting the perfect opportunity to take a picture of the cross before me, the world behind from the song I Have Decided to Follow Jesus, presented itself. I should have taken the picture after church but I forgot.

Why is it so difficult to find a hammock stand? Peggy gave us a hammock as a housewarming gift. The two trees that we had planned to hang the hammock from had to be cut down due to the fact one was too close to the house and the second tree was a trash tree that was causing all manner of tree havoc. I found a stand at Lowe's but no one to help me take it to the check out and into the truck. I was not wanting a repeat from the whole swing loading time with the not so pleasant person who wasn't too happy she had to help us load the truck. I could order one from Amazon but I fear for the correct delivery. USPS delivers so much of their stuff now, I could see them trying to stuff that huge box in the mailbox. I jest...kind of... Today, we had an Amazon delivery and even now with the easy access to put the box inside the porch or beside the door, scary mailman only puts it in front of the garage door. Most of the time we get notice that the package has been delivered but we don't see it for another few days. I asked the postmaster at the post office about this and as nice as the man is, he had no answer for me. But, I do like they have a candy dish for customers. Really, what a nice touch. We don't know where your package is but have some Smarties. I mailed a package today and when asked if it anything liquid or dangerous or fragile is in the box, I accidentally touched yes on the screen. I feared that agents were going to descend on me for saying yes. Why can't all these terminals coordinate? One kind you have to wait for the green light, one wants you to push this button and another terminal wants you to push another button.  The guy laughed at me and said well...what's in the box. I told him...nothing dangerous at all...and he said we will just say it is fragile then and added he could tell just by my reaction that there wasn't any reason to worry.

Buddy has come in from the front porch which means I can quit air conditioning the whole neighborhood. Buddy has found a huge patch of sun right behind my chair. I reached down to pet her and I noticed that one of the small butterfly bushes was shaking violently. Of course that is a sign unto me that a groundhog, I believe it was Chuck, was right beside my deck, chowing down on a butterfly bush...What! Since Buddy is right here and she cannot be trusted to stay put, I had to yell at Chuck to get the heck out of here. I'm yelling like a crazy lady, get out of here...NOW! No chance to grab a bad lime to chunk at Chuck. I looked for groundhog repellent today at Lowe's. Oh there is plenty to be found for every other known animal but groundhog.  Someone suggested I get bobcat urine or some other predator urine to scare them off. Where does one find bobcat urine? Now that's a job I wouldn't want to have...OK Nancy, go out there to those back cages and see if you can get some bobcat urine in a bottle. Then we can sell it. Sure thing boss!
Roy found mountain lion urine for me. What!? Amazon sells it. Fox urine for squirrels, coyote urine for cats....unbelievable! We did lose one of the groundhogs today...I think Chuck Jr is now considered road kill. God rest his soul.I saw him this afternoon upon returning home. This looks to be the same groundhog that sat on my neighbors porch in the morning.

Buddy has been on the front porch and I have been watching out the back window. I did go out to the porch with my portable speaker and we really called in some birds tonight. Lots of cardinals and Carolina Wrens.

I have had a fun day and look forward to having another day tomorrow with nothing on the schedule but what I want to do. I'll write later about my adventures today.

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