Thursday, July 20, 2017

Drives, Road Kill, Bunnies , and Matters

We have a new routine around here and it is called Buddy's porch time. She ate her treats, sat in my lap for a moment and then made her way to the front door. This morning I let her out on the porch before all the meowing began. Last night we sat on the porch with the small Bose speaker and called the birds. Our front feeder and around the swing was filled with cardinals and a few tufted titmouse and Carolina wrens. She stayed out there until almost dark, resting on the glider and taking it all in. This does tire her out and she is not as restless before bed or throughout the night. As we are experiencing our warmest temps of the season, we have hit 91, and yes, Houston friends are laughing at me. They have to be thinking 91? 91 is a low temp in the morning. See, I am truly acclimating.

I decided a little trip to Johnson City seemed to be in order yesterday. The drive is one of my favorites, although I say that about almost every drive, and I do miss Academy Sports and Outdoors not being closer. Since it seemed right to also join in another Houston startup, Carrabba's for lunch, the plan was made. To add to the Houston representing, I wore an Astros shirt. Once arriving in JC, the first stop was Barnes and Noble. Mixing it up a little since it is usually the last stop before returning home. Sometimes in a smaller Barnes and Noble there are unique to the area things to find and this store has one of the best Bible selections around. Onward to Academy where I found a few things such as HOT Slap Ya' Mama Cajun spice. Not for me but for a certain wily squirrel. It was time for lunch and it was delicious. There is a Kohl's across the way from the restaurant  and while Kohl's is not usually a shopping stop, it seemed like the thing to do before leaving JC. I found a pair of pink capris deeply discounted to $19.50 and a shirt 50% off and that is without a Kohl's card or coupon. The clerk checking out shoppers asked me if I was from Houston because of the Astros shirt. She was too, in fact her great grandfather was one of the major developers for The Village, River Oaks and Briarwood. For non Houstonians these are some of the most wealthy areas in Houston both in residential and business. I wanted to ask how did you get here to JC and working a register in Kohl's? She was an older lady with classic features and her makeup impeccable. Most of the families involved in development of Houston way back in the day are still around, still own homes in the area they helped develop. The ride back included a brief stop in Erwin to get some cheap TN gasoline and a stop at Publix to get more of the sugar sweet or sugar kiss cantaloupe. My new obsession.

Had a book waiting by the front door, thank you UPS, Wendell Berry's book, A World Lost. I've read it before and gave it away in the book purge of 2011. But a description in the book of Andy Catlett's aunt has ruminated in memory and while I could not remember her name or from what book she came from, going to The Google helped narrow down and eventually find it.

Love these ease into the morning days. Nothing concrete on the schedule, which makes this one quite happy. Tomorrow holds workout and a follow up cardiologist appointment.

I think Janet Jackson and Prince are on a music loop at the grocery store. A little What Have You Done For Me Lately gets me up in down those aisles in style. No, I haven't broken out in full dance mode, but I can feel myself getting closer to that.

One of the groundhogs had gone on to groundhog heaven after becoming road kill yesterday. I think by the size and location of it on the road in front of my neighbors house, it is the little groundhog that sat on my neighbors porch in the mornings. Saw one of my bigger ones yesterday and chased him off with a shout. Not a mighty shout, just a kind of get out of here shout. Last night the baby bunny and a little bit bigger bunny were both dining in the backyard. At first I thought it was Mama Foo Foo but she was in the front yard. Little baby bunny approached the other rabbit timidly...moving closer grass blade upon grass blade. After some tedious maneuvering, they touched noses....held that position for a few seconds and then the bigger bunny made a chase move toward baby and then went back to chowing down on clover. Baby bunny kept following the bigger bunny. Bigger didn't want to hang out with baby. Yes, I might have had a few tears come to my eyes and walked away for a few minutes. When I came back to the window baby was eating by itself. I've gone to The Google this morning to find out more about this bunny behavior. Yes, when one is easing into the day, there is time to read about rabbit behavior and let Buddy spend extended time on the porch. She's inside now as the day is beginning to warm up.

Several blogs I read have been doing a season of life theme. Interesting reading from women of all ages. Have been thinking about this in my daily Bible reading and journaling. Thinking about the season where I am and listening closely. One thing that has come to mind is this, throughout life I have been prone to say, too many times, "I don't care." Most of those times truly I didn't. The risk was worth the consequences. There were times of saying I don't care and yes...there was a lot of caring going on but one has to don the mask. It seems now the don't care has transformed into it doesn't matter. There is a whole lot of difference in those phrases. Well, I have the morning to contemplate. Have a good one y'all!

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