Saturday, July 15, 2017

Conspiracy, Nature and Fun

Coming from a long line of conspiracy buffs it is something I fight off all the time. It seems our family line is gifted with taking minute details, that have nothing to do with each other and weave those details into a fabulous tapestry of conspiracy. Since I am not a practicing conspirator the weaving doesn't come easily to me anymore. Yet, the "gift" lies right beneath the surface of life. There are offshoots to this gift, being able to see past the obvious and there are downsides as well, overthinking things. The other night I had to fight the urge to link these unrelated causes and effects and I knew what had caused the tweaking and aches. I have never been prone to panic attacks but since experiencing heart issues, I've had a few in the past few years and the Doctors have told me it is quite normal. So I aggravated a muscle around my shoulder blade. I knew when I did it and before going to bed I used the detox gel I love and some Bio Freeze. That combination was sensory overload. So tweaked muscle plus over use of gels and sprays plus falling asleep on my arm=thinking I might be having a heart attack...when I knew good and well I was not having one. If you don't fight the theory off you begin imagining aches and pains and symptoms. Upon awakening the next morning all signs of muscle tweak was gone, I did my workouts and that is that but I have to confess I didn't sleep well that night. A friend asked me if I called Roy during the night while experiencing all this, ah no. Deep into the night is not Roy's best conversation time, much less compassion time. No, I talked to God about it all and reminded Him, I do look forward to the day of being with Him but I also thanked Him for letting me live here in God's country and I wasn't quite finished with living here yet, if that was alright...

Thursday, I got to see the work and results of the grand re-opening of the Fresh Market nearby. They certainly made better use of their space and the prepared food/deli has expanded and looks very appealing. They still had some of their spring coffee and I bought a couple of packages cause Roy loves that flavor. Fresh Market closed in Houston much to the sadness of many friends.

I saw a glance of her yesterday morning...there in the mirror. Every once in a while I see my mom in my features. I am kind of a mish mash of family...sometimes I look like both my grandmothers, sometimes I look like my father but mostly if there is a glance to be caught, it's my mom's features. I like it when that happens.

Our area received a welcomed surprise yesterday of an afternoon thunderstorm. The radar, yes I am becoming a weather nerd as well as a bird nerd, showed showers to the north and south of us. Many times rain coming from the northwest gets torn apart by the mountains and the atmosphere kind of makes the rain jump over Asheville and reform once again. Then Black Mountain and surrounding areas get the deluge. Several have told me this area is known to the old timers as dry ridge. I call it the Cinco Ranch split cause the first year we lived in our home there, in the midst of drought, rain would form and split to go to the north and south of us. I was so thankful for the rain for many reasons but specifically I wouldn't have to water the flowers before going to the women's ministry event at church.

Which was a lot of fun, the event last night. We made a square of wood come alive with comforting words. So there was painting, drying, placing our vinyl onto the prepared plaque, painting over everything with another color choice, and sanding and distressing our work. The evening was named Salty and Sweet, so the snacks met every need and gave us the sugar rush to do the work. I have to admit the tedious work, which can put me over on the NancyMon stress scale, was happily outsourced to kind friends who bore my burden so to speak. I would still be there trying to finish up my piece if I hadn't had help.

Before the rain yesterday, the backyard was teaming with nature; two groundhogs, three squirrels, baby bunny foo foo, and about 6-8 young cardinals. Of course the doves were around and a mockingbird came in to make an appearance.

The Anniversary Sale is about to begin at Nordstrom. Well, it actually has for card holders. Long ago you had to be at a certain level to have the early access. This year I wasn't particularly interested but I did a quick look see on Thursday and found much to my delight and surprise that Nord carries the hair products I like, Oribe. Since I love Nord Reward points I ordered what I needed and of course there is the free shipping.

Thankful for an easing into the day Saturday.

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