Sunday, July 23, 2017

No Surprise No Waste

I would like to blame Janet Jackson and Publix grocery store for the out of the rhythm heartbeat that has come to visit. Back in the day, when Janet began a song...which one escapes me now, she said give me the beat...maybe it it What Have You Done For Me Lately, which after hearing it numerous times in the grocery store caused me to download it from iTunes. It is only a matter of time for me to break out in full dance mode while pushing that cart up and down the aisles. Good grief, when I have it playing in the car...totally in dancing in the car mode. So far no one has reported erratic dancing while driving.

When I went to the cardiologist in April, I almost went dramatic and thought maybe a small overnight bag might need to accompany me. Such wild afib going on. Came home with a follow up appointment. So when that appointment time arrived yesterday, no thoughts of anything other than routine filled my thoughts. Yes, I had been experiencing a little heart flutter but nothing too major. Yes, I had been a little more tired but attributed to the hottest part of the year here. That annoying heart cough thing had increased, but nothing that had me worried. My ankles not swollen, no extreme fatigue... Since April I've paid more attention to caffeine intake, cutting back sugary desserts, except for coconut cake at The Blue Rooster, and been drinking lots more water. I have turned down Vivian dessert...that tells you how serious I have been! Many meals have been salad, a little protein, and fruit. I've lost weight...been working the appointment results yesterday took me by surprise. The hint...when the stethoscope remains over your heart for a longer time than usual. The other hint, my pulse was 142. EKG, and bada bing bada boom, atrial flutter. Never had atrial flutter diagnosis.  Atrial flutter is a better organized out of rhythm heart maybe there is hope for me with a better organized out of rhythm thing, there is hope for organization for other areas of my life. So, a  cardioversion is in order and will be done next week. This better work I am cancelling a hair appointment for this.  While this totally took me by surprise I know none of this surprises God. So, there is a good chance if the radiology map had been ready for my implants that I would not have had the procedure on Thursday as planned because of my pulse. Yep, no surprise to the Lord.

Where I get a little nervous is a new hospital verses the familiar Texas Heart Institute. A new to me Dr and staff and I am going into the procedure with a lot less information than I am used to having. I can't help but wonder why they haven't done an echo cardiogram. Why so quick to cardioversion, although that is not a complaint.

So, I have done what they told me to do as I left, to keep calm, keep cool and relax. Saturday was a totally relaxing day. I got brave to take my pulse and BP. BP was better and pulse was down somewhat and at times the machine did not detect any atrial flutter. Brenda and her mom dropped by for a minute and brought me supper from J & S Cafeteria. Delicious!  I took BP and pulse before Sunday School this morning and it was good BP but pulse up a bit. I only went to Sunday School even though I heard the A/C had been replaced in the sanctuary. Just visiting a little in the hallway after class, the heat got to me. Angela, associate pastor's wife and friend, called me yesterday to check up on me and see if I needed a ride to the hospital for the procedure. So appreciated that call and she also shared with me that she had visited the Cornell Bird Lab. They made the app I use to call in the birds for Buddy. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. After Sunday School I headed over to Turkey Creek Cafe for lunch. Today, fresh to order fried chicken was on the menu and I got me some fried chicky legs, fried green tomatoes, creamed corn, collard greens, pinto beans, a little mac and cheese and a little mashed potatoes. Yum! Oh and some fresh sliced tomatoes.

We had a brief rain shower this afternoon and every bit helps. After lunch I headed over to the grocery store because I had forgotten to buy bananas for the next few days. The skies were dark in the northeast when I pulled up and when I came out of the store the skies were a much darker hue, thunder and a threatening look. Weather alerts are going off left and right on the phone. Roy is calling me too and sending me pics from The Nord as he was there buying new shoes to wear to the office. With Nord in town shoe shopping isn't as painful and as time consuming as it used to be for him. 14 narrow is a difficult fit to find. I got home before the heavens opened and for that I am thankful.

Roy was a little disappointed yesterday when he left Bible study. He leads and teaches it now and they are going through Mark I think. Anyway, they were at Jesus and the 5000 men, five loaves and two fishes part. He had suggested that the Elisha and widow woman with sons, who owed creditors story in the OT was a type of the feeding of the 5000. I thought it was an awesome insight when he shared it with me yesterday and last night right before heading to bed I looked all that up. I told him this morning not to be disappointed with the group's understanding of that, but be happy that it meant so much to me. And guess what, this morning as I opened the quarterly to read the lesson for today, it was Matt 14 and the feeding of the 5000. No surprise to God at all and I was able to share what Roy had gotten out of the lesson he taught yesterday. No waste at all.

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