Saturday, July 29, 2017

Rain+Cooler Temps=Birds And Other Observations

With cooler temps and a gentle rain, I ate lunch on the front porch Friday. Both the front and backyard are filled with cardinals in all shapes, sizes and coloring. Baby Foo Foo is in the backyard eating bird seed that the birds have dropped or scooted off because it is not their choice or favorite seed. The doves are the worst with this.

Thursday evening our Sunday School class had a party. Gale opened up her beautiful home for a Mexican Fiesta. Everything was delicious and it was such fun.

I saw Taylor yesterday and he did restorative work on me and I did core work. I will be so relaxed and stretched for my cardioversion. Instead of the usual of running errands, I came on home and enjoyed the rainy afternoon. After a really busy Thursday, it seemed I needed a day of rest. I had my yearly eye exam at Optix on Thursday and all is well, except my vision prescription has I needed to order new frames and lenses. I went with a blue frame this time. I still like the frames I am wearing and I think I'll have the lenses changed over in this pair after I get the new glasses.

It is interesting to watch things from afar. Not be in close to the action or in the know about things happening or movement within organizations. If you want to, you can watch and draw your own conclusions as things move forward or backward or even stagnate. You can take what little that is known about the situation and draw all kinds of conclusions. You can watch social media and pick up the insults and put downs that are crafted in a not in a too obvious way to express dissatisfaction or anger.  You can watch a not so surprising ending to a season for several and could they not see the direction life was taking or did they see it and decide not to express their fear or view. I hope for happy endings. Watching from a distance can either amuse or it can become a focus that consumes way too much time and energy. Right now, I watch amused and wonder how it will all turn out. I don't have a pony in the show, so no vested interest other than knowing I used to be smack dab in the middle of stuff going on and relish the fact, I don't have to participate anymore. Many times I end up praying for the ones that are going to hurt the most from the changes but there have been many that have gone through the same type thing and their stories of victory can encourage tremendously.

Last night I talked with Roy about a conversation I had Wednesday at the hair has bothered me somewhat. The Wednesday conversation, not talking with Roy about it. Without going into details, I had to beg off from the discussion because of an already elevated heart rate and it wasn't so much the topic but the actions and attitude expressed before the "topic" was broached. This is something that I experience every other visit at the salon and maybe just maybe, it is time to find another salon and stylist. It's not that my hair is that complicated, but I stuck around because  in a pinch I could buy hair product there...but thanks be to God Nordstrom carries the product and no shipping charge and all the while earning points toward Nordstrom Notes. It's all good in the product arena of life.

Our area is enjoying a bit of a respite from summer this weekend with lower temps and less humidity. the flowers and trees in the front yard were needing a bit of water, so I am thankful for the rain we had. The birds are hanging out probably waiting for a new delivery to the feeder, so I must move on.

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