Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fourth and Fifth

The drive home from Charlotte is always kind of sad no matter who I drop off at the airport. Unless it is someone who gets on my nerves, then it is a happy time...that's never happened...well from the drive from the Charlotte airport. Nah... But when I see the mountains rising in the distance my heart soars cause life in the mountains is a dream come true. Today as I made the drive into that beauty I was listening to the choir and orchestra of HFBC and listening to them sing and play How Great Thou Art. Truly an experience and I love the last note when I can hear my friend Dana sing that high note or is it me? No, it is Dana.

Why oh why did I look out the window this morning and think I saw a black stick? Soon I knew it wasn't a stick but a snake. A Florida black racer snake out there toward the end of the driveway twisting his head this was and that. I called Roy to look and he was nonchalant about the whole thing. I stepped away from the window and came back...dang...where did that snake go? Roy went outside with a hoe in his hand to investigate. He knows where it might be living so this will push the timeline of getting the land by the driveway landscaped. I went the whole summer last year not seeing one snake on our property...they are here but I didn't have to see them.

Last night we finished up our work outside...well, all that we are going to do for now. Roy got the trim painted. We hung new lights along the stone steps. Roy also trimmed some of the shrubs in the front of the house so Buddy and I can have a better view of the bird feeder out front. Then he trimmed some of the firs that have gotten so big, only because we needed to see the road better. Roy grilled steak kabobs and veggies last night for supper. It was all so good especially since I had some Taste of Texas seasoning for the steak.

Yesterday morning was an early one for me. I had my CT scan and impressions appointment with the oral surgeon. I love that they run on time and so I had a little time to kill before my workout session with Taylor. The Dr. is so nice and I think he will do a great job on the work that needs to be done. At the workout with Taylor I learned a new workout on the TRX and I knew that there would be muscles screaming their displeasure this morning...I was right. In fact they were rather perturbed with me last night. By nightfall, neither Roy nor I felt very good. Him from getting hot while working outside and me working inside for a hot body.  I wasn't that hot outside. Ha! It was and I could work till the return of Jesus and enjoy a hot body for one second before the rapture.
I enjoyed a wonderful display of fireworks last night. All through the valley the reverberation of the fireworks sounded. The new houses on the ridge had a great display. I went upstairs to see if Asheville's fireworks were visible but only some of the highest in the sky. What's nice is everyone stops shooting them around 10:00 pm.

On the way home from Charlotte, I stopped at the Cracker Barrel in Morganton. Even in my sadness I was able to beat a horde of children to the restroom and did so without breaking a hip. We had stopped for lunch there on the way and I saw a few things I wanted to purchase. So, I waited till coming home to do so and to see if I still wanted them. Nothing big just little North Carolina items.

The morning is passing quickly, so I better get moving and start the things I need to do.

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