Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Rambling In and Out of The Mountains

It is feeling rather warm today and there is less humidity today and tomorrow. Once last night I awoke and saw that the fog was rolling in big time. Sure enough, this morning there was thick, dense fog to be found everywhere. As the sun begins to burn through it, the morning clears with sunlight. I overslept this morning. It was one of those waking up early things and turning over thinking I will sleep only thirty more minutes and it turns into an hour and a half. Still got ready and made it to church on time. Not having much of a commute helps.

My house cleaning screeched to a halt on Saturday. After mopping upstairs and downstairs, and using my Norwex stuff, I realized the vacuum cleaner wasn't picking up anything as it ran. Uh, oops, I haven't cleaned the filter in a long time which means, I have never cleaned the filter. So after washing the filters, who knew there were two, they had to dry. We had rain in the late afternoon so with the filters drying, it was too good of a day to waste cleaning, so I converted to the reading portion of the day.

Another accurate hit on a squirrel with a small apple.  I do have compassion as I let one of the squirrels finish its drink of water. The only squirrel that gets the chunking is the one so slow to give up ground and leave. The beauty of it being the apple rolls down the hill and I retrieve it for another shot for another day.
Well, now it is Tuesday evening. Sometimes life gets in the way of writing but that's ok. All three readers of Monablog have to find something else to do until I am able to sit down and think through things or go with the consciousness of thought...which can get me in trouble.

Today, I did a fun thing. I got up early, not a fun thing, and left the house around 8:20. Off to the Biltmore Park area to Another Broken Egg. Dena and I discovered the ABE goodness while in Rosemary Beach several years ago. When I get a chance I head that way cause their menu is a variety of breakfast goodness. Today, I went with the traditional breakfast. Delicious! Then to Barnes and Noble where I hit the jackpot in all things reading. Yes, just what I need more books to read when I haven't read books I already have. A little farther down the road and boom, you are at Target. They had one box of the little solar mason jar lights left, only they hadn't marked it down like the other Target. The summer things were on clearance and getting ready for school is taking over...which means I won't be at Target too often in August or the beginning of September. I went to Hobby Lobby and found a bowl 60% off, the regular 30% off price. Next up on the day in south Asheville was a trip to Southern Chicks which is really closer to Hendersonville but then it is just one big ville around here. Lots of cute stuff, all reproduction stuff and yet that did not stop me from buying a couple of things. Very cute in the metal and farmhouse genre. So then I traveled back toward Asheville toward the visitor center on the Blue Ridge Parkway where I thought I could buy a senior park pass but no....have to buy one at a park where you pay, like the Carl Sandburg house. Three years ago I went and turned right around when on the path the sign said snakes live here. That's all I needed to read. I did find a couple of cute t-shirts and decided to go home the long way on the Parkway. When I got to the Pisgah Inn where I had planned to stop, take pictures and peruse the gift shop only it was pouring down rain. I had a rain jacket but decided to keep going down the road and exited at NC 215, which is one of my favorite fall drives. Summer is not too bad either. The waterfalls along the way were full not like the little trickles of years past in the drought. Once I got in Canton, why not go ahead and go to Ducketts Produce Stand. Then why not go onto The Blue Rooster for a late lunch. I did the farmer's supper of five veggies, mac and cheese (counted as a veggie here), collards, green beans, lima beans, and fried green tomatoes. Coconut cake may have been a to go thing....

Uneventful drive home except taking it all in because it never gets old, the mountains and valleys. My goodness the corn looks wonderful! When I got home I unloaded most of the truck, sat a bit, talked with Roy and then went to the front porch with Buddy. Got my bird app going and calling the birds. Most responsive Carolina Wren and Carolina Chickadee. Of course Buddy cannot get to them and she looses interest and just wants to nap.

Tomorrow the Parkway has road work shutting it down to one lane. That is one of the reasons I chose today to enjoy the ride. I love days like today, at my own pace and interests. I like these kinds of days with friends too, but today was just an opportunity to get in the truck and ramble about.

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