Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Smattering Of Thoughts

Sunday night in choir practice began with the song No More Night. An oldie but goody. No More Night, one of the first songs I learned in choir at Houston's First Baptist so many years ago. The choir sang without sheet music and there weren't any prompter screens with words. I checked out the music to memorize the words for my first Sunday in the loft. Nervous...but thankfully the choir wasn't depending on me for my sure, strong voice. Brought back some good memories as we practiced the song for a later date.

It is looking very probable that I won't be having a cardioversion tomorrow. Fell through the cracks there at Asheville Cardiology but encouraged with the conversation I had with a scheduler this morning. In fact, she just called back and the procedure is scheduled for next week. Once again kindness was the chosen path when feeling so frustrated and uneasy. Proverb reading is helping those anxious thoughts not translate into angry words and attitude. Also telling her the relief of not cancelling a hard to get hair appointment and she laughed and said we must go to the same salon. I'm feeling more at ease now and the valet tradition continues...With all the construction at Mission, valet parking at the heart center is complimentary, which is hospital talk for free! Whoo hoo! Valet parking was the deal maker years ago for me going to the Med Center in Houston.
Ah Wednesday morning....I slept really well. In fact I think it could have been the best night's sleep in a while. Buddy's cooperation is always key for a good night. Also with atrial flutter you don't have the heavy booming feel that robs one of rest. My hair appointment isn't until later so I have the morning to ease into the day.

So far the most taxing thing has been taking the garbage can down to the road. Well, that part wasn't hard, it was just getting me back up our road to the driveway that took a lot out of me and created a rather good sweat. On the way back from a quick grocery store trip, I got the trash can and slid it into the back of the truck. That robs me of the use of the backup camera. So, I had to do it the old fashioned way like I did when I was a kid, backing up five miles in the snow only using side mirrors and rear view mirror. I carefully backed down the driveway and stopped midway to pull the can out, place it to the side and then complete the backup with a camera in full use. Yes, it has come to this, I am writing poetic about trash can delivery and removal. Bet you can't wait for yard waste removal postings.

Talked with Peggy yesterday and we exchanged recipes. No, really, we did. Doesn't happen often but it does take us by surprise when our conversations go in that direction. Lisa P and I were texting all things bird and bird related. She has a feeder now and has a cardinal sighting which can be really special in her part of Texas. I'm enjoying these young cardinals hanging around here. They are beginning to get their coloring now so flashes of red streak across the sky. I have another baby bunny foo foo coming to the backyard. There is a rotation of five rabbits it seems and last night I noticed a mama bunny spending a lot of time in an indentation part of the yard and with the binoculars I can see the tops of the baby bunnies ears moving about in the tall grass.

Well....the day awaits and the sun is peeking through the overcast sky. I have become the kind of believer I thought less of when I was a teenager when it comes to parking in Biltmore Village. Yes, a prayer for a close enough parking spot, not to wear me out getting to my hair appointment, has been included in my morning prayers.

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