Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Songs and Sights

We got out of choir early this evening...not too early though, but early enough for me to run by Sonic with a lot of others who were on the same wavelength to get some ice cream for National Ice Cream Day. I just needed a little taste of the cold stuff on what has been a rather warm day. Since I had ice cream it called for the long way home and the sunset....well, it was just perfect for this day. Buddy and I have been out on the front porch. The fireflies have kept her amused but she'd rather see birds.

Oh happy day that Turkey Creek Cafe is open again on Sundays. Today they offered a farm to table service. I went with the all you can eat offering because I wanted to try all the veggies. They were so good and I had meatloaf but also had the choice of fried white fish, cooked to order, and pulled pork. I love that they are open on some evenings too. I forget about them around lunch time and by the time I think, that is where I'll go...they're closed. Marissa has persevered and she is doing well.

Even though I took two naps this afternoon because chunking bad limes and lemons at squirrels and groundhogs is exhausting, I did have time to get things picked up a bit in my project room. Things were moving right along until I came across one of my favorite books of all time, Walking On Water by Madeleine L'Engle.  Stopped and read just a bit and once again inspired by her words and thoughts.

I can tell something is stirring...you see, I have this God size dream of having another home here for ministry purposes...not official ministry types, although they are included. I shared with John Bolin what God has placed on my heart but I knew it would have to be something of His doings, I was not going to manipulate circumstances and situations to get a home. The economy has come back around here like gang busters and homes like what we looked at in 2014 have doubled or tripled in price. This week I was about to give away some things that I have planned on using in the dream big house and it hit me, many times when something is near by God's design, is the time I give up or doubt. Yes, I am taking this as a sign unto me that God has not forgotten the dream He placed in us and that I should stand even stronger in thanksgiving and praise, thanking God He has provided.
The sound of Mike the Mower Man is a lovely greeting this afternoon. The grass and weeds have grown with the uptick of rain we have had, although not as much as other regions around the area. I wonder if he has come across any of my thrown fruit in my constant combat against squirrels and groundhogs?

My workout with Taylor was good this morning. Worked on core and balance. He is also helping me keep scar tissue at bay. For this I am thankful. Afterwards I made a quick trip to the bank, Publix and CVS. I am in a salad mood and I am trying to go with that as long as my mood goes that way. I picked up some fresh eggs from Aunt Jenny via Vivian. We are in the warmer days and most afternoons you can find me reading or working on the computer. Buddy has stirred from an upstairs nap and looks to be determining what she would like to do next. She would really like to go out onto the porch but it is too hot to be air conditioning the whole neighborhood.

And now on Tuesday morning Buddy is doing the same thing. Taking a little nap on the front porch. I sat out there a while drinking coffee and conversing with a Carolina Wren. Using the Merlin App, the wren and I had quite the conversation. And yes, I found this to be fun. I am contemplating the day ahead and if I am getting out and about or if I am sticking around home. I'll make that final decision later. For now I will enjoy the songs and sights of the birds.

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