Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Good Birthday

Yesterday morning I got the sweetest birthday gift. With eyes filled with wonder and awe I watched a new crop of little baby bunny foo foo's frolic and play in the tall grass near the gravel road. It was a special moment. With an errand to run in Tennessee I was up early and trying to get out of the house by 8:30 am but it was closer to 9:00. The Amish store had received blackberries from Michigan and they were available as first come first served. It is a beautiful drive and I enjoyed the trip. Once I got there I got the blackberries and a few other things, then hit the road to head toward home. Filled up with some cheaper gasoline in Tennessee while there too. I made a quick stop at home, put up the blackberries, and let Buddy sit on my lap for a few minutes. Then it was off to Waynesville. Because of construction I chose the Canton way with a stop at Duckett's. They had purple hull peas which makes me especially happy. I had missed the first day opening at Barber's and I needed my first mixed drink of the apple and peach slushie. Bought some corn on the cob as well as a few apple cider donuts. I headed toward Hazelwood district and went to a couple of shops there and then headed to downtown Waynesville. Thankfully, a close parking spot opened up just as I turned the corner, so I was able to get in and out of Mast General Store. The last stop was Main Street Mercantile and I did a quick look see and began my way home. Once again took the longer but more scenic way home. Off and on during the day friends called to wish me a happy birthday and it was fun checking on FB to see greetings.

When I got home I opened my very fun gift and card from Lisa P. Roy called and we got caught up on the day's activities. Then I talked with Dena and then Brenda came over. She and some of her family had gone to the Burnsville Craft Show and when she got home she made me a cake. A delicious strawberry cake. After Brenda left Roy and I once again caught up but I was so dang tired from such a fun, full day....I watched a little TV and then fell asleep till 1:00 am. Buddy was being a little pesty and it seemed she didn't feel well. So up and downstairs to check the litter box, and since I was checking it...I might as well take care of it. Came back upstairs to a feisty Buddy...but she calmed down finally and we were able to get back to the business of rest.

Morning came early and I had a brunch to attend for our new mentoring ministry at church. We had delicious food and a great time. I especially loved hearing the stories from Karen's mom. She needs to record these stories, as a preacher's wife in the mountains of North Carolina...a traveling pastor for the Methodist Church. Great stories of another time but the same great God who though times change, He never changes.

After brunch I headed over to The Fresh Market for a few things and then returned home. I have tons of things to do but a nap is calling my name. Then I take care of veggies and fruit.

Heart beat is holding its own and staying in rhythm. I cancelled with Taylor yesterday for the chance to ease back into workout things. Thankful stamina is returning. I'm taking each day in step working toward the goal of being back in full tilt. I am still feeling the effect of two weeks of afib and flutter. As the nurse at the hospital said as my heart rate bounced around so fast and so quickly, she said her heart is in afib on crack. Wow, glad to be back to the regular syncopation.

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