Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Happenings Of The Week

Having the front porch screened in has made a change in our morning routine. It used to be that Buddy wanted me downstairs to be the supplier of treats to start the day. Now, when she rushes past me on the stairs her destination is the front door, not the kitchen. She goes out for a bit and then wants her treat. Most mornings after porch time and treats, she wants to spend some pre-nap time on my lap. This morning I made the huge strategic mistake of not having my coffee mug there by the chair. But that's love, sacrificing the morning joe for a happy kitty cat. She is back to her bird watching and I'm happily drinking my first cup of coffee. All is well, all is peaceful for this morning.

I am working on all the little last minute things that need to be done before Dena arrives on Wednesday and Doug on Saturday morning. Part of that is working on getting my stacks of books and magazines down to a manageable level. I do not consider stacks of books clutter but decor'.

This next paragraph will date me but I felt like, once again, living a Seinfeld episode. Lifeway did the reveal of Living Proof Live events for 2018. One of the event locations is in Boone. So I thought, that would be fun to attend there in that mountain town and decided to buy two tickets and if for some reason I couldn't go, I could gift them to someone. Well, that plan came to a screeching halt when I could not remember my password or user name from when I bought tickets in 2008...LP in San Antonio. So I went through the list of user names and passwords that I am prone to dice. Now usually, the website asks for your email and they send a link for you to reset your password. Lifeway, you have to call Customer Service to get that info. Well, I was not going to call Lifeway...and that is where it got a little Seinfeld like...remembering the episode where Alec Berg, great John Houseman name, gave Jerry tickets to the hockey game and tells Jerry he might be able to give him tickets for another game...think these were playoff tickets. Kramer asks Jerry if he has called Alec for the day after thank you for the tickets and Jerry says, I thanked him when he gave them to me...that should be enough. So, when I was talking to Lisa P on the phone I told her the whole password/user name debacle of 2017 and said in my best high pitched voice, a little Seinfeldish, "I'm not calling Lifeway!" I then told Lisa P that I had tried using Roy's name and different user names, no dice. In a conversation with Roy he mentioned that Living Proof would be in Boone next year and he thought I should get tickets and go. I told him that the Baptist Book Store, Lifeway, was not in the 21st century in resetting passwords and again, in a high pitched Jerry voice told him, I am not calling Lifeway! Well my friends, just like Jerry I ended up making the call, only my story line turns out better than his, sitting in the nosebleed seats for the game. No wait time and the nicest woman helped me rediscover my password after answering a few questions to establish, that I am who I say I am. I asked if she would stay on the line while I tried logging in...first attempt, nothing...asked on capitalization, and proceeded for a second attempt...and as George Castanza would say, I was in, baby! Now, before I actually made the call, I procured a hotel room in Boone. Cause tickets for a LPM event with no hotel room would not be good. Success! Two tickets purchased for cold, cold Boone in the later part of winter. I am positive though, I'll get to wear boots, stylish flannel shirts and jeans to the conference.

You can hear the funniest or the strangest things in grocery store parking lots. On Thursday I had just pulled into the Publix lot parking space when...of course...a mini van pulls in beside me and parks. I was heading into the store when I remembered my gym lock was in my pocket, so I went back to the truck to put it into its spot and at that same time the mini van people had finally removed themselves from their vehicle. It wasn't a young mom with thousands of children, no it was an elderly couple, an elderly couple that weren't happy with one another. They stood behind my truck and argued. I felt like it was being between a rock and a hard place...trying to go into the store without passing this unhappy couple. I didn't want to be one of those she was at the wrong place at the wrong time kind of things. Yet, I could not just stand there and act like I can't hear a word they are saying...because they were using their outside voices. Bottom line, they were arguing over the fact he drove too slow and although she didn't use a bus reference, I could have given that to her but you know, being at the wrong place at the wrong type thing. She ended their whole "conversation" reminding him that buying a mini van had been one of the worst decisions they had ever made and she wanted to get rid of it and have a fun car. I was never so proud of a moment....I almost wanted to fist pump her...they moved on into the store. I too made my way in but seriously considered high fiving her if we found ourselves on the same aisle.

And I am retaining the title of Crazy Squirrel Lady of Buncombe County. My supply of bad lemons and limes is exhausted, so I have gone to chunking ice at the squirrels that jump into the bird feeders. I also may or may not have used expired Pam spray on the pole that holds the bird feeders.

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