Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Beginning Of Apple Orchard Season

The last day of July in 2017 feels like a fall morning with temps in the mid 50's. Tomorrow begins the counting of foggy mornings because mountain lore says the number of foggy mornings in August is the number of snow showers we will have in the winter. Now I know it doesn't surprise you that this is an inexact science. Because it is foggier toward water and in valleys. Nevertheless, it is fun to wake up each morning and mark the calendar. Yes, I am easily entertained.

Our church had a fellowship/cookout at one of our member's homes last night...a 120 acre farm with gorgeous views. I had been looking forward to going but knew that if I did I was pushing myself way beyond my limited physical parameters when I am out of sync. Buddy and I were sitting on the front porch when my phone rang. It was Brenda and she had gone to the cookout. She was dropping her mom off at home and then Brenda was coming here bringing me a to go plate from the cookout. Mr. Jarrett served steak sandwiches provided by three of his cattle in his herd. I ate a slice of the meat and it was so good. Brenda also brought a smattering of small bites from the dessert table. So, I have my supper for tonight.

Digger, the groundhog, came very close to the house today. He was by the deck checking out some delicious weeds. I scared him off, twice. The bunnies have been around today along with a whole bunch of cardinals.

I am so glad I decided to stop by the house after meeting with Taylor. There were a couple of bills that needed to be paid and I also decided to grab a quick sandwich before heading to the grocery store. The hospital called while I was here needing some information and I was able to use the opportunity to ask a few of my many questions. I don't like droning on that in Houston I had a lot more info before going into the procedure but it sure is helpful to have.
The temps aren't as cool this morning but we are on the clock to count morning fog now that we are in August. Wow, this year has certainly gone by fast. Today one of my favorite apple orchards and produce stand opens and while I entertained thoughts of going today, it is best I don't. One I would be too tempted to eat apple cider donuts and I also saw that road work begins today on the Smokey Mountain Expressway...which is the way to go to the orchard. I do know a back way though. No, it is better to stick around the house and enjoy a quiet day.

Really, I have had a lot of quiet days even before the diagnosis. In hindsight, I think I knew I wasn't 100%. Other than a few trips to Johnson City and the one day I took along the Parkway, I pretty much am sticking around the house, working out and my regular errands. I've done some reading, nothing new there, and have been writing...for my own enjoyment and process. I started a couple of projects and I completed some but others have gone by the wayside because it seems that I need professionals to actually implement what needs to be done. I have spent lots of time on the front porch with Buddy.

One book I am re-reading is Wendell Berry's, A World Lost. Reading Berry is so helpful in my word formation of thoughts I am having trouble expressing on, well not paper but on tablet would be the correct usage. Roy and I were talking the other night about being a place of contentment in our lives. View points from our age vantage has certainly shown us that we pursued a lot of things that just don't matter. We've received unexpected blessings from unexpected places. I wish I hadn't spent so much time on trying to make things happen when I was younger. There is a lot of well meaning advice that just doesn't fit circumstances and situations. Competition  when you're just starting out should be avoided, but that is almost impossible to do. I know a lot of busyness in years past was mainly done to avoid issues or to alleviate boredom. The same can be applied to procrastination which I have done my fair share of. Yep, Wendell Berry fiction and essays surely can get one to thinking.

I can't help but hope that by this time tomorrow my heart will be back in rhythm and I can return home to sleep off the anesthesia.

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