Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday But It Feels Like A Wednesday

We enjoyed a lovely summer day yesterday. Cool enough for opening windows and letting the breeze in. I went out early but not early enough to put the picket fencing around half of the sunflowers. The bees had already staked their claim to those flowers and the buzzing so close to my head, deterred my work. I went to The Google to see if and when bees take a break. They are the hardest working insects in the business...well, maybe ants work harder, I'm not sure. Google assured me that cool mornings and evenings are not bees favorite times to pollinate. Last night I was able to finish unrolling the fencing and get it around the sunflowers to hold them up better.

Before getting out and about for the day I received a text that my new glasses were ready. So a little change in plans and over to Weaverville to pick them up. My prescription had significant changes after holding steady for several years. My eyes are adjusting and this morning I realized how hard they worked yesterday with new glasses. Gee, I see things much better too! These glasses are lighter than the last pair but once I get adjusted I think I will have new lenses put in the frames from last year. I still like them a lot and hadn't planned on getting new glasses.

With new vision I headed over to Walmart and make the dreaded Walmart trip. I have to admit this time it wasn't too bad. They have rearranged the store, updated the checkout lanes and with school just a couple of weeks away up here, it wasn't too crowded. I got what I went for and maybe a few more things that just jumped into the cart. The plan was to make a Lowe's stop but I decided to make that trip on another day and came on home for lunch. I realized too those purple hull peas were not going to shell themselves, so yesterday I sat out on the front porch with two big enamel bowls and shelled purple hull peas. Feeling kind of domestic, I cooked those babies up with some onion and ham all afternoon. Then went on and finished up the blackberries for freezing.

We've had a bit of rain. I was able to get over to the Post Office. Picked up a package from Peggy and it is a beautiful bird feeder. Now, I am trying to decide if I will hang it now or will I wait for next year when we redo the back deck and make it more of a screened in porch. I have been contemplating a quick run over to Duckett's before heavier rain is supposed to move in later this afternoon. If I don't go today I'll hang around here and get things ready for upcoming guests.

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