Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Tuesday

Just by happenstance, I read an email sent out by Margaret Feinberg this morning. She writes books and Bible studies for Lifeway and one of my all time favorite reads has been Scouting The Divine. Margaret took a year to look with shepherd's eyes, beekeeper eyes and vintner eyes spending time with people who raised sheep, kept bees and had vineyards. One of the most interesting books I have read. In the great book purge of 2011, that book went to a new home but since we live in an agrarian community now, I have a vested interest. So before knee replacement surgery last year I bought the book and the workbook and like how many good intentions go, I did not do any of the work in the workbook. But I think that good intention was just too soon for its time. I didn't realize that I'd be so tired from working so hard with therapy so all the books I planned to read didn't get read. Nap time called out to me a lot and so did early bedtime.

Last night I made my first steak in a cast iron skillet and it was good! Of course steak rub from Taste of Texas makes everything taste great. I cooked the steak on a cast iron grill pan so not only was it tasty but it looked good. Add a few sliced tomatoes and call it supper.

So I saw Taylor yesterday morning for my first workout post cardioversion. Because his DMS machine that I love so much has an electrical current aspect to it, for right now, no more DMS while my heart settles back into normalcy. We are looking at everything that contributed to these recent flare ups, but probably the real culprits are the usual suspects, heat and stress. It felt good to workout again and as predicted, my arms and shoulders are a little sore from the TRX work.

We are experiencing some rainy days with the rain tapering off today. The flowers and trees are certainly happy for the thirst quenching drink. As a bird nerd, I had a delightful time with a singing sparrow yesterday. It sang among the forsythias and I on the front porch with the bird call app. The cardinals are getting their colors now and I hope they remain around here. I have gotten use to seeing them so often in the backyard. Last night baby bunny foo foo came down into the yard. I was so happy to see it because I had missed its morning visits and as I have written before I get too emotionally involved with these animals. There is a cow across the way with a slight limp and I am keeping my eye on her.

After a couple of errands and dropping off a trunk, I am home. A little tired but not too much. Thinking it will be a salad kind of night and fruit for dessert. The sun has come out. I began a little fence project this morning but will have to continue this evening or in the morning. Have to find times when the bees aren't buzzing around the flowers.

I just saw on Twitter that Glenn Campbell passed away today. In junior high I was friends with his niece and she made such an impression on me I cannot even remember her name. She was nice...actually I think we shared a friendship with a mutual friend and that's how I knew her. He had such a beautiful voice.

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