Sunday, November 25, 2007

Practice Makes Perfect-Yet another Conversation with Peggy

On Saturday morning, Peggy and I have a M&G at Foundry Methodist Church. So being the perfectionists that we are, not, we decided we should get in a little practice of our dance for Dancing with the Scars. This afternoon I went out to Peggy's and I arrived about 3:30 and it was about 5:00 when we began our dance practice. That is what I love about our friendship, it is so dad gum easy. We can go weeks without talking and we don't give it a second thought. When we are together, we sit together. Even if we have just spent a 1000 hours together, we are side by side. That is just what we do. So today, because our conversations have been hit or miss at church, we sat down and talked through life. There would be those who would be amazed at the depth of our conversations and the journeys we take walking through the depths of life. Peggy is a God given friend and gift. We have walked with each other in some of the toughest circumstances of life. Today, we were brave enough to ask the difficult questions and then encourage each other in the Lord. We are both good at performing and waltzing in and out of parties without the slightest hint of any sadness that permeates our lives. And because we can be such clowns, no one even thinks to ask anything beyond the social nicety's and to tell you the truth, if someone asked and we didn't really have a strong friendship with them, we would brush them off and go on performing with hearts breaking.

Now, I did not write the above for anyone to ask me what in the heck is going on in your life or go ask Peggy the happenings in hers. Enough is going on and each morning I have the new mercies of God to meet the challenges. I don't know how to deal with the giants that seem to be populating life right now, but God knows. He knows all about stuff and us.

Dance practice went well and we even changed a thing here and there. We wrote and dated our new instructions. Some of the more athletic stuff we used to do has been replaced with more of a fluidity of motion. Note to self, I need to find my knee brace before Saturday.


Anonymous said...

okay so what you meant to say was "so we started our dance practice at 3:30"----Have a great saturday, anon

Nancy Mon said...

no we started at 5:00. We talked before practicing.

Anonymous said...

sorry!Nancy...i wasn't trying to rewrite your blog..i just thought that the pre dance sharing was actually a necessary (but unplanned) part of your dance routine..according to its chosen name.....anyway i was really thinking about how much a part of your dance is your heart but i will try to be clearer in the future...again...enjoy saturday!

Dana said...

I so hope they tape it. Or you tape it. The show, not your knee. Although you could tape your knee, that would help too.
But I don't want to watch your knee get taped...I do want to watch the show. Ok. I'm stopping now. Bye. See you tomorrow. Love you. Mean it.