Monday, November 12, 2007

Some Monday Thoughts

I saw the strangest announcement in the paper yesterday. It seemed to be the type of announcement to be suited more toward the business section. Right there in the midst of wedding and engagements is a picture of this woman in the business pose of folded arms announcing her employment at Smith Barney in the Wealth Management division. I think that quite odd. Maybe the announcement belongs there because she is like too many; married to their jobs and whomever placed the announcement might have been sending that message. Roy took a whole different approach in that what better way to announce joining a firm, especially in the wealth management section, than to put it with wedding and engagement announcements. These are people who a spending a whole lot of legal tender.

Another interesting article is, 'fears of aging vary around the world.' Really, who would have thought? There are a lot of fears and numbers to sort through but what it all basically comes down to is, concern about Independence and mental sharpness, less about appearance. Yesterday, I went to the 9:10 traditional service and I found myself sitting in the back. Now, I enjoy both traditional and contemporary styles of music, so 9:10 was more connivance than anything preference music wise. I wore a little higher heel, so the creaky knees kicked in. I watched older men and women walk up and down the aisle and dang, if I didn't walk just like them. I hated that. After the service I ran into Malcolm and Lisa P. Lisa was talking with a woman who is so sweet and kind. I nearly walked right past them with my mind otherwise occupied. Lisa stops me and we all talk together for a few minutes. I showed Lisa my shoes and said, "these are the ones I bought in San Antonio, remember." Meaning when she and I were there in March we were at the Nord and I found 3 pairs of shoes on sale. The sweet and kind lady said oh yes San Antonio shoes are so comfortable. I knew then what she meant, but I wasn't going to say anything. But I got to thinking about that again today and when Lisa and I were talking, she asked did she mean SAS shoes? Yes! I may be 53 but I am not quite ready for the sensible and comfortable SAS shoes.

More mistakes on the make up side of life. I have a new facial scrub and I was really getting into using it yesterday. With all the vigorous scrubbing and with my eyes closed, somehow my little finger fit right up inside my nose. My nails are longer than usual and with the force of my scrubbing, my fingernail hit to the utmost top of the inside of my nose. If you don't think that doesn't hurt, you should try it. I was telling the girls at the office and one of them asked if I almost touched my brain. It would have to be much bigger than it is for me to touch it.

Buddy has discovered, much to our chagrin the counter tops in the kitchen. She has never been interested in them until this weekend. Roy has nearly soaked that cat to the bone squirting her to keep her off. Maybe this is payback for making her get her shots, who knows?

It won't be long until I am on vacation. Have books lined up ready to read. I need the break and will only have to work a few weeks until taking off for the holidays. Yesterday, at the play grocery store, I found something that was a nice surprise, Three Brother's Bakery Gingerbread Men. Score! I bought a half dozen and look forward to having a "man" after dinner...gingerbread man that is. Roy is in Canada tonight.

Well, guess I better heat up dinner and keep the squirt gun handy to keep Buddy away from the gingerbread men.


Anonymous said...

I, too, thought that announcement was very strange. That's my favorite part of the paper - weddings and announcements - just never know what you'll read or see. Let's make a pact - no SAS shoes until we're 100!


Anonymous said...

definitely not a chiastic post!

courtney said...

since i'm playing "catch-up" here, i'm going to comment on everything since the starbucks post. i like your blog. it makes me laugh, makes me think, then makes me laugh again.