Monday, November 19, 2007

Vacation Monday

Monday, vacation, and it has been such a good day. I really didn't sleep in like I thought I would. Last night I had Cafe Ascend to take care of. By the time I had cleaned and returned to the kitchen all the dispensers, then returned the easels I borrowed to the music office and then put the pictures that Jack Potts had let us display for Cafe Ascend in my office, it was later than usual. Roy and I met several college students and some not so young marrieds last night at Cafe Ascend and this was their second visit to HFBC. What a second visit complete with confetti and streamer cannons.

The SPA Nord has been calling my name for quite some time. Stacy has a different work schedule and it conflicts with my work schedule. So, I haven't been to the SPA in about 2 months. 90 minutes later and I am feeling fine. Less tense and stressed. The oddest thing happened, when she was working on my lower back, I was so tight that when she dug deep into the muscle, my feet and toes moved reflexively. Strange sensation, but I believe I have been set free. And as one is want to do, I did some window shopping afterwards and found a pair of red leather gloves on sale.

Then I went to the play grocery store. Delmar and I have become good buddies as I come each week to pick up several options for dinner. We call each other by name. He was busy when I first pulled my cart up to the counter, but when he was free, he came over and took over my ordering from Caesar, who was doing a fine job, but he isn't Delmar. Delmar tells his co-workers, Nancy is here. And several of them said, "welcome back Nancy" and "Nancy are you back already?" I have finally arrived, I am known at the play grocery store. Delmar is the best and he lets you sample to see if you'll like what's being purchased.

When I got home the boots I ordered were here. Only thing, they are black and size 9.5. I ordered dark brown and size 11. Got on the phone with Eddie Bauer's and they are expediting them to me. You have to love customer service like that.

I plan to stay away from the malls for the rest of the week as well as grocery stores, well at least until Friday.

Tomorrow I am planning such much needed home time. That includes my projects I have given myself to get done this week as well as some long reading times. I bought a few more things for my Travel Journal and think I will go ahead and start it. I don't think I can wait until 2008.

Thanks for all the Dancing with the Stars help. I am putting the finishing touches on the script.

Also, thank you for all the comments about my dream. I am a huge believer in God speaking to us through them. There are those crazy, I ate too late before bed dreams and there are those where you KNOW God is getting your attention. Maybe I will blog about some of those dreams in the future, but Lauren anytime my Grandma Brownlow is in my dream, she has a message for me. I don't dream of her often, so I pay attention to when she shows up.

Annon... Thank you for your good word on having a gift to help people laugh. I really do treasure that gift and do not take it lightly. But I have missed some really good times cause I have been helping those who need help to have fun. Guess I will have to say this, because it goes along the lines of Dancing with the Scars...but I am sure there will be some scars in my crown... yes, I just did that. Remember, you don't have to wear a scar baby to be in my show... I will just one I will stop.


Anonymous said...

yep.."layin' it down" is hard but you're layin' it up in heaven i'm i get "dancing w/the stars" too! There's too much to say here...i'm excited for you and your new travel journal stuff, I wonder if the toe thing is related to the romance reader at the pool!!!! ty for mentioning my post...i think we could talk for hours ....enjoy your day off-don't miss a good time!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh and ps.....i'm sure there'll (is that a word?) be some stars in your crown too!!!!

Shae said...

Days off... massages... sounds wonderful!

Do you highly recommend SPA Nord?

Nancy Mon said...

I highly recommend SPA Nordstrom. You can't go wrong with massages with Stacy, nails with Julia or facials from Maryette.