Thursday, November 29, 2007

November 29, A Very Special Day

Oh how lovely it is to come home with just done pedi toes! It has been a while since my last pedicure and if I hadn't been going to Julia for so long, I would have been downright embarrassed over the condition of my feet and toes. I feel revived and ready to speak good news, cause we know how beautiful are the feet that bring good news.

I am reading Luke's account of all the happenings before, during and 8 days afterwards of Jesus' birth. I am seeing these verses in a whole new light. I am impressed at the all the multi tasking God did in those two chapters. I love that Luke tells his friend I am going to give you an orderly account of all the happenings. Luke would have been a great blogger. This morning I underlined every time God involves people in the story and orchestrating the grand moment of His Son's birth. There is a baby jumping for joy in the womb, there are shepherds joyful at the angels, Anna, Simeon, the neighbors, the people waiting outside the temple and when Jesus hits the scene it is amazement and joy. I have a friend who doesn't believe that God is in the small details of life. These two chapters are full of small details that makes into one huge, wonderful story and salvation for the world. I am wondering why Zackariah was unable to speak when he asked why, but when Mary ask how can this be, the angel answered her. Maybe it's because ol' Zach was doing his job and should have known better than to question an angel in the Holy of Holies. If you have any insight into this, I would appreciate it.

So tonight at The Nord, they are doing 4 days of VIP. You get 10 points for every dollar on your Nord or Nord debit card. I found two pairs of pants tonight that are long enough, but would be even better with the cuff let out. Free they did both pairs and I picked them up after my pedicure. I then stocked up on my hair products that I am running low on. I may need to make a return trip Sunday night, but it was a good trip all in all.

Another reason today is so monumental is this, at the end of my phone conversation with my dad, I told him I loved him like I mostly do and for the first time in my whole 53 years of living, he responded back with a mumbled I, but the love you came out clear as day. I am in shock. I sat at my desk and contemplated that whole event. It was something totally unexpected. He has never told me he loved me on his own volition. The two times it has happened before in my life he was forced to do so by my mother. When I used to think about when or if my dad ever told me that he loved me, I didn't picture it happening this way. I imagined much more emotion on my part, you know tears of joy and this feeling deep in my spirit of joy for the words I've longed to hear. But, I went on about my day. I did tell Roy and he said well that is a good thing and we went on with our conversation. Maybe I will have more emotion or reaction if I hear it again in the near future, who knows? I have a journal that I write just momentous events in and mostly the short sentences have been the miraculous or momentous events of others. Tonight I can write, my dad told me he loved me for the first time. Wow, I never thought I would ever write those words.


Amanda said...

What a very special day indeed.

Dana said...


I know how you feel...:)

Anonymous said...

I too know the feeling! And now everytime I see him he says it and I'm always still a little surprised. But, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!


Elizabeth said...

My dad said "I love you" the first and only time right before he went into surgery for a double by-pass. He didn't survive the surgery. But I will always cherish those moments we had the night before his surgery.

Hey, Nancy. Feel priviledged that I left you a comment. I'm usually a "lurker"!

Anonymous said...

makes me think about the first time a person actually "hears" God say "iloveyou-youareimportanttome-iknowyou" is a special day and "not anything like you thought it would be"