Sunday, December 2, 2007

Getting Our Gaither On

If you noticed the lack of older people at malls, restaurants, parks or other gathering places on Friday night, it was due to the fact that The Gaither Christmas Homecoming Tour was at the Berry Center. The fact of the matter is, back in the day, The Gaither's were contemporary Christian music. In my recollection it took a lot of guts and prayer for a Music Minister to do a choral arrangement of any of their work. It was too wild and not churchy enough. things have changed. Actually, a lot of those in attendance Friday night have probably forgotten that fact, the Gaither's were once trendy, edgy and relevant. Now they are comfortable and much loved friends. Dena and I went Friday night and in our section I believe we were the young people. The Berry Center is Cy Fair School District's all in one complex complete with event center, meeting rooms and a football stadium. I don't know if it was built with geriatrics in mind, but those older people climbed those stairs and navigated the terrain well, but slowly. One thing about a Gaither show, they give you your money's worth. The show began at 7:00pm and we were leaving after 11:00 pm. There was one 15 minute intermission. That's a lot of music and it was so enjoyable. Now, if you are thinking it is hard to believe I'm a Homecoming music fan, well I am. Don't put me in a box, I love all kinds of music. I even bought my first country western CD a couple of weeks ago, Rascal Flats. I am not a big country western fan, but I like their music. Had to do a little shopping while there and I bought 3 CD's of the Issac's. I have always loved blue grass music. Must be my Kentucky roots.

Here we are getting ready to get our Gaither on.

Now the odds of friends from HFBC who were not with our senior adult group, were slim that they would be in the seats next to us and the odds were on our side. But we had the wonderful surprise of Emily and David and Sally and her husband seated in the next four seats. So we had a great time laughing and enjoying the concert all together.

Dena dropped me off at home around midnight. That is way past my bedtime these days and I had an early morning on Saturday to boot.

Since Dena works out in the area of the Berry center, Roy and I took the HOV lane out to Mustang. He dropped me off and then he went and looked at Hummers. We are getting closer to making that purchase. Anyway, I took my Dancing with the Scars script to occupy me while Dena took care of a few things before leaving. I knew to bring something to read because the last time she needed to take care of a few things, she gave me a spiritual gift test to keep me occupied. I have taken that thing so many times, I can cheat and give myself the gifts I wish I had.

Here is Dena posing for a picture. She would not like for you to notice her messy desk.

In the above picture she is approving invoices. Someone must have gone over budget by the look on her face.

We had a great dinner at a little hole in the wall Mexican food place before heading out to the Berry Center. We got to the concert early enough to not have a problem with parking. When we came out afterwards, there were a million busses. What are the odds that several misdirected older people got on the wrong bus. I wanted to get on one and act like I knew everyone and see the reaction, but getting home to get some sleep was far more pressing than amusing myself with a funny.

I do have one worry about heaven but I guess the promise of resurrection bodies and no sin, really this worry won't play such a big part. But dang it, I don't always have patience at large Christian gatherings. We block the way, don't think of others with our actions and get pushy at the concession lines. I will have to trust that God has that all under control in heaven.


Dana said...

I thought you were saying Roy took you to your Mustang and was wondering why you would need to wait on Dena to do a few things while you sat in the car.

Then I saw the pic of her at her desk and realized. Doh.

Re: the parking lot. Seriously, I hate that part of an event. And the fact that it's a Christian event makes me that much more annoyed and less patient.

EBay said...

There was also a high school football playoff game at the Berry Center on Friday night. My Dad and boyfriend went to the game and were wondering why the parking lot was sooooo crowded! So, it's probably good you didn't get on the bus... it could have been a bunch of HS football players!! ;-)

Shae said...

Shall we Gaither at the River?

There used to be an event in Indianapolis called Praise Gathering put on by the Gaithers, but most of us called it Praise Gaithering. lol

I miss Vestal and her big hanky.

Lisa Pierre said...

My favorite part is the title! Hilarious - what does that look like? How can that even be?