Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tales of Adventure in the Gallerstinkinria and Other Fun Stuff

I ventured this morning to the Gallerstinkinria. I went early enough to score a primo parking spot close to an easy exit as I wanted to be at Eddie Bauer's by 9:00 when they opened. About a month ago, I ordered some boots. First they sent me the wrong size, color and boot. They were wonderful and shipped my new boots overnight, but actually, they shipped me two different pairs of boots overnight. So, I took back the pair I hadn't ordered. Since the mall was quiet and hardly populated, I went to a few other stores before heading back to The Nord for my 9:45 massage. Concerning my massage, I feel sorry for anyone who had an appointment after me cause all my tight muscles may have worn Stacy out. I had booked an hour and a half massage and I needed every moment of it. Since my knees have been bothering me she took a lot of time with my knees and hamstrings. Once it was over, I floated on out to finish up my day. I nearly didn't even notice all the traffic on Sage but I also was on the phone to Peggy getting caught up with her. Tomorrow night, Bill, Peggy, Roy and I are going to see A Christmas Cathecism. Roy and I have seen Late Night Cathecism in Chicago and this is the Christmas version. Now of the four of us, only Roy was raised Catholic, but you can take the same principle and apply it to growing up Southern Baptist...more or less. Same amount of rules, less worship of Saints and Mary. It is an interactive play and I know Peggy will want to be a part. Only knowing the past, Roy will get picked. He always does and he is the least likely of the four of us.

Last night was the Second Annual Royal Ride. It is a Monarch and 3 Kings celebrating Christmas with dinner, gift exchange and then putting the top down on the Mustang and looking at Christmas lights around Houston. This year's ride was particularly interesting, at some point Jordan, Madi and I began to make monkey noises. Then we went onto jungle and foghorn noises. We embarrassed their mom Jenea, who gave it her best shot for monkey noises, but she lacked the talent the three of us obviously possess. We had a blast. We even drove by Scary Angel. In the front second floor window a man was playing computer solitaire. We tried to get his attention, but he was really into his game. I really would like to know the story of the angel.

To Courtney and Michelle, we miss you both so much at the office. It doesn't seem the same without the two of you. Maybe one day you can gather up all the childrens and come up for lunch or something. To Linda, I think y'alls picture is cute. To Cheryl in St Louis, we do have a fun staff at Houston's First Baptist Church. We are just a small percentage of all the people who work there. This is how fun of church staff we are, for our staff Christmas party, we went to Dave and Busters for lunch and then some scavenger hunt fun. It was a blast and I will be going back cause I didn't use up all the tokens on my card.

Today when I was leaving the Galleria, I had 2 cars fighting it out for my parking spot. One of them even pulled behind my car so I couldn't leave until she had made the other driver clear on whose parking place it was. I could have gotten out of the car and walked back into the Galleria, but I was afraid I would come back to a destroyed vehicle.

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Dana said...

We saw, or rather heard, a parking lot fight the other day. It was sad really because when the 'loser' drove off I saw that he had kids in the truck with him. And the fight was pretty heated...some $20 cuss words were tossed about. Made me blush.

Gallerstinkinria? I've only heard of Stinkadena...Hmm.

Courtney said...

i miss you too nancy. you cant even imagine how much i want to be back there for the fun... not the work.

Lisa Pierre said...

Whoever won the traditions thing?
And I'm with Courtney on the not missing the work.
George Costanza would have been proud of your parking space.