Sunday, December 16, 2007

Walking in a Weekend Wonderland

This weekend went by so quickly, but that happens when you are having fun. Actually this weekend I was going to be a Tibetan monk doing the Hallelujah chorus, but my knees began to act up and I had to drop out. My friends in the chorus did a great job.
Of course my heart belongs to the red king or wiseman. He did a great job after a couple years lay off of being in the Christmas program. He did a great job and the beard isn't half bad. Never in my whole married life did I ever think that my husband and I would take off our makeup together.
I went to the Friday night performance with Dena. On her way in from Austin she came by and picked me up. Dinner at Molina's came first, I think it is biblical to eat Mexican food before seeing a Christmas program.
On Saturday I went with Dena and her parents to Galveston to see Tuna Christmas. It was funny as usual. Nothing like Bertha Buemiller and Vera Carp to get you in the Christmas spirit. Then we went to Moody Gardens for dinner and to see the Festival of Lights. We actually decided to see the Festival from a distance cause it was stinkin' cold in Galveston last night. I would add pictures, but something is wrong with blogger tonight and I keep getting an error message. Guess I will have to do that later. Along with the above highlights, we had adventures in fast food as well. The McDonald's in Texas City was memorable and we burned a lot of calories trying to open up the ice cream cup at the Sonic in Kemah. Dena dropped me off at home and Roy was not too far behind in getting in from the last Christmas program.
This morning Peggy and I led music and did our dancing with the scars for our class. Lives were changed and several rededicated their lives not to be like us at all. God moved! Then Dena had to teach her lesson and it was awesome as usual.
I am getting anxious for Wednesday because that is when I begin vacation. Tuesday will be fun at the Staff Christmas party, so it almost like I have just one day left before vacation. I am going to need the break because the winter spring semester will be a long one.


Amanda said...

I'm trying to imagine how the monks fit in. I'm sure the whole thing was awesome! Sounds like a great weekend!

Nancy Mon said...

Amanda, the monks were part of the Christmas program this year. I think it has been done twice before and to see how it works I think there are videos on You Tube. It is a fun thing to watch.

Dana said...

It could be!Is that Sarah????

Hey, does that shepherd have a headache?

Lisa Pierre said...

Love the post title. And I loved the YouTube "Hallelujah Chorus." I think they used nuns - Roy would have "felt" it.