Monday, December 17, 2007

Scary Angel

Scary angel, how I love you. How I tremble as I'm driving by. Are you playing dead or are you alive?

This is scary angel. This is a daytime picture because she is so scary at night and I am not a professional photographer so there isn't enough light to take a picture. This person was able to get a night time picture. This was from last year.

It is difficult to tell by this picture, but this angel is as tall as the two story house she stands next to each Christmas. The scenario goes something like this, you are driving along in River Oaks being dazzled by all the lights that hiring minimum wagers can string when you come across the house with scary angel. If it is your first time down Chevy Chase at your first glance you give out a muffled what the????? To tell you the truth this angel is scarier in the day than at night. I rushed to take the two pictures yesterday afternoon kind of afraid we would be confronted by scary angel's owners. In some way I was kind of hoping for that encounter because I have a lot of questions. Where does one come by an angel as tall as a two story home? Why do they think this is a Christmas decoration? Where do they store this angel the other 11 months of the year? Last year the angel had a huge wreath looking thing in its arms and in the darkness of the night, it didn't look like a wreath at first glance, it looked like something dead hanging there in all the Christmas glory. You will notice this from the link.

Going to see scary angel has become a Christmas tradition. I don't know why, but we are funny people that way.

So if you are ever in Houston around Christmas, Chevy Chase off the west side of River Oaks Boulevard. You will not be disappointed...only frightened and you'll think of scary Fall Festival time at your church.


Amanda said...

i always look forward to seeing her in river oaks. she is scarier during the day!

Southern Heart said...

She is a bit scary, or pretty in an exotic way... ;)

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. You mentioned Michael Lee's book...M'Lee is a friend of mine (on an internet decorating board---we keep her from her writing, I'm afraid! :). Is she visiting your city on her book tour?

I will definitely talk lit with you...that would be fun, especially after the holidays are over and things are a bit more quiet. I look forward to visiting you again!


Dana said...

I think she is the angel of death. She is NOT the one who left her wings in the office....that was a happy singing angel.

Lauren said...

What . . . the . . . heck?!?!?! She is totally scary, and much more so during the day! What's with the gray face and eyes??

That is actually worse than the life-sized dancing bear topiaries on Greenbriar and Kirby. Those suckers stay around all year long, though. And the owners dress them up for each season. (Backpacks and school supplies in back to school season, etc.) I hope whoever lives there does not read my comment. :)

Profbaugh said...

Oh my! I've never seen anything like this before. Honestly, the night time picture was pretty scary to me. Yikes!!


Courtney said...

only you would post that pic of that angel... i must say i dont miss seeing it right now!

Lauren said...

I just checked your blog once again, and once again, I am shocked and spooked by this angel.

Anonymous said...

I live in California now and my boss was referencing a WSJ article about tacky Christmas lights. I then proceeded to tell him and my coworkers about the legendary scary Christmas angel in River Oaks. Everyone laughed, but didn't believe me. I actually Googled "scary river oaks angel" and found your blog. So funny. My boss was dying laughing. Thanks, you made my day.

Lisa Pierre said...

Was that the first time you saw this when you took me on the Black Madonna/Royal ride, what?, 2 or 3 Christmases ago?